The Truth About Right-Thinking
and The Animal Farm

( Animal Farm is a satirical allegorical novella, in the form of a beast fable, by George Orwell, first published in England on 17 August 1945. It tells the story of a group of anthropomorphic farm animals who rebel against their human farmer, hoping to create a society where the animals can be equal, free, and happy.)

“When your thinking is Right facts don’t count, because
what you think are facts are mostly peoples opinions”

If we want to do the right things, we need to think the right thoughts. Imagine your mind as the engine of a powerful car—without the right fuel, it won’t perform at its best. Unfortunately, many people are driving their mental engines on the wrong fuel, lost in the confusing mazes of religion, politics, and money. It’s like watching a soap opera unfold, where most characters don’t have a clue what’s really going on.
Your mind is an incredible tool that can make you healthy and wealthy, just as it was designed to do. However, like a computer, it needs the right programming. Think of it this way: if you feed your mind garbage, you’ll get garbage results. But if you fill it with positive, constructive thoughts, you’ll get amazing outcomes.
The foundation of our American Republic is the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Yet, over time, this has been reprogrammed into a complex web of laws and regulations designed to make us obedient. Imagine a vast factory churning out endless rules—not for the benefit of the people, but to control them. This is the reality created by our lawmakers.
Any honest lawyer who has read Machiavelli’s “The Prince” knows this. Lawyers are the only profession condemned in Scripture, and any lawyer who speaks against the system risks their career because they are part of the system. They are “officers of the court” and are trapped in their own web of deception. Anyone licensed by the system is owned by the system.
Think about this: our so-called democracy is a tangled mess of laws and regulations that even college-educated individuals struggle to understand. It’s designed to reprogram our minds, making it easier to extract wealth and obedience from us.
Here’s a confession: I don’t know of any way to avoid the legal traps that can strip you of your freedom and assets. The Constitution originally listed only three federal crimes: treason, counterfeiting, and piracy. Yet today, we have over 3,000 federal laws and 300,000+ bureaucratic rules that can land you in jail. And lawmakers are always ready to create more.
Your chances of being dragged into court are 70% higher than ever. Today, you or someone you know is more likely to fall into the traps of vague new federal laws, arbitrary bureaucratic actions, or frivolous lawsuits. Worse, state and federal employees have seized emergency powers from the post-pandemic era, and they are using them to trip up and fleece unsuspecting citizens—from investors to property owners.
Rarely do lawyers or lawmakers speak out against this harassment and wealth extraction system. This is because, in a fascist system, commerce and government overlap. Propaganda hides the transfer of wealth and power to the corporate state. Take gold, for instance. Totalitarian regimes historically oppose private gold ownership because it provides citizens with security and freedom, allowing them to hedge against state policies or escape its control.
We’ve been sold organized crime with a pretty face and twisted language. The educated elite and the illiterate alike have bought into the scam of American fascism. The final disenfranchisement of liberty and property is underway.
Public schools, which I call indoctrination camps, have done a fantastic job of dividing and conquering. Children are trained to see themselves as victims and coddled to the point that any contrary idea is seen as a “mental assault.” This has stunted their mental and emotional growth, leaving them as emotional children in adult bodies. New terms like “white privilege,” “microaggression,” and “safe spaces” have emerged—nonsense rooted in victimhood and egalitarianism. Now, we see waves of young Socialists eager to dismantle the Republic.
It takes an inquisitive mind and the grace of God to weave through this minefield and find the truth. The big lie is pervasive and hard to fend off.
When someone breaks free from the spiritual despotism of the world system, it’s a miracle. It requires a great deal of learning.
Our biggest threat isn’t a terrorist attack or a foreign enemy. It’s what our government and corporate fascism are doing to us, with our help. We’re headed towards authoritarianism under various pretexts. Historically, only a small percentage of people are shocked by bureaucratic tyranny at any given time.
The reason I say this is that everything that goes wrong in the State, whether by design or accident—war, depression, inflation, impoverishment, or starvation—results in the bureaucracy and politics taking the punishment and hardship out of our hide. The system manipulates us to believe we are to blame and must pay, despite our labor, financial risk, and sacrifices in wars.
We foolishly invite politics into our personal lives, believing it will solve our problems. Human freedom is impossible until we understand that politics in the welfare state is about getting people to act against their best interests.
The elites have persuaded people to abandon true value and embrace fiat currency. This is the reality of living on George Orwell’s Animal Farm. People move from one illusion to another, always believing that government is the answer. But government invents and controls crises.
Hopefully, you have prepared yourself because the crowd will surrender everything for imagined security. Practical thinking avoids confrontation and manipulation by the legal system. While it’s crucial not to comply excessively, realize that violent resistance only strengthens government authority with public approval.
Escaping mental entrapment requires self-realization and seeing the reality of illegitimate power. As long as we accept illusions as reality, we lose intelligence, competence, happiness, and money. Personal liberty can only be restored with an accurate perception of reality.
Mind-distorting fictions of external authority must be exposed. This is something Donald Trump does well, which is why the establishment opposes him so vehemently. To think otherwise is to depend on the lies and duplicity of politicians and bureaucrats.
Significant change in our lives won’t happen until we challenge our mental processes, reject the political cult, and stay aware of true morality—not just what is “legal” according to those in power.
Don’t let them strip rights and freedoms from anyone, because you could be next. Think the right thoughts to do the right things.


Some of the above article is from at the Bob Livingston Letter June 2024

Please Remove Yourself from “BLIND OBEDIENCE” and help you family and friends to do the same.