Who can you count on in today’s World? And, who can you count on with your health? You are the only one who can think for you, breath for you, eat for you, exercise for you, get sunshine for you, and, you are the only one who can make decisions for you etc.

The only one responsible and the only one you can count on is YOU! So how are you going to be healthy and if you like wealthy? With the “Super Health INNER CIRCLE Coaching” program of cause.

With health everything is a source of pleasure; without it nothing else is enjoyable … the greatest of all foolishness is to sacrifice health for any other kind of happiness, whether it be for financial gain, advancement, learning, or fame; everything must be made secondary to Health!” Without health, where is the joy in life?

Let’s face it, whatever our goals are, we want to achieve them, because we feel good and they make us FEEL GOOD That is everyone’s ultimate goal is… “To FEEL GOOD”!

Have you also noticed that people have the tendency to move with the crowd when they are faced with health challenges, problems or uncertainty?  No doubt you are also accustomed to doing what everyone else does. That, of course, is your first BIG MISTAKE!

Why? Because if you do what everyone else is doing, you’ll get the same results everyone else is getting, which is “Frustration, Disappointment, and Dissatisfaction”.

It’s important to understand the Mind Body concept of Health – what it is and how it works, because the mind has a larger role to play in the experience of health, disease and even “contagion” In other word, If we don’t explore the nature of the mind and come to a realistic understanding of how the mind operates, we will fail to understand the concept of disease and contagion in general and the experience of the latest disease called Covid-19 in particular.
Because fear, hatred, and lies are the key components of the experience we call “sickness”. What seems to be contagious is the negative emotions and behavior and they are present in the world at almost unequaled levels at tis time. It’s time to integrate the concept of mind body into a realistic framework for Health and Disease.

By now you must know that there are lots of Health programs offer out there, it seems that everyone has an offer… Have you ever wondered how some people can afford fabulous cars and beautiful homes?

Some have gone from near poverty to making thousands of dollars every day! Some people have made it to the top and made a fortune. But the fact is, if you lose your health, all the financial riches in the world will have absolutely no value.

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