Manifestation Thriving

Manifestation Thriving – Or Is It Surviving?

I want to ask you this: “How many wins have you had the past three months?”

1, 2, 5, 10…?

I bet you don’t even know!

I know (almost) all of mine. And you know why? Because I keep track of them. Not in an obsessive way, but in a gratifying one.

I journal my wins (and losses) every day. At least the most important ones. And I usually also journal the most insignificant ones. The ones that occur so frequently in our everyday life, that we don’t even feel grateful for them.

If you were to read my journal right now, you wouldn’t find that new car, a mortgage re-negotiation with smaller interest rates, or tickets bought for my family’s next vacation.


Instead, you will most likely find that:

  • I spent five minutes watching a nightingale on my window sill.
  • I blew a dandelion for the first time this year.
  • I made one mean omelet this morning and everyone loved it.
  • I helped a client get unstuck.
  • I was able to put $5 in my “whim” jar.

And many more examples like these.

You’ll say I’m crazy. Birds sing, flowers bloom and wither, and $5 is basically nothing.

And you could not be more wrong than that.

Because you see…

That car, that vacation, lower mortgage interest rates…those are in my accounting spreadsheet. Where they belong. Not in my journal. My journal is something private. And I’m not using it to ramble all about how things went wrong at work today or how I had a fight with my spouse (although sometimes those need to be mentioned too because they might just hold some valuable lessons I need to learn).

Instead, I’m using journaling as a manifestation tool. But not just any tool. I use it as my personal pantry of mini-wins.

And I learned this when I had to survive, for three years, with barely enough money to buy food and pay my bills.

So I did something, which got me through winter months when bills were higher. And it’s something I still do. But most important, it’s a behavior I adapted for every other aspect of my life.

And it’s quite simple: every time I would go shopping, with that small amount of money I could get my hands on, I would buy one little something that would go in my “survival” pantry (no, not the end of the world one, I couldn’t afford something like that).

It was the one rule I followed without fail. A can of beans, a pound of sugar, a small pack of instant flavoring. It did not matter if I only had a quarter to spare. I would find something that could help put together a meal and I would buy that.

And guess what happens when you do this every few days, for nine months?

You get to the point where your pantry is completely full. And you don’t have to worry about food for the next three months. You can only focus on rent and bills, even if they go higher because it’s freezing outside.

And that, my friend, is manifestation surviving. I found it to be the foundation for my manifestation journey. But, for me, it worked because I knew one simple thing: it is not a long-term solution.

At least not at its core.

Because while I used it successfully to feed my family, I also used it when my income grew and I just had no reason to worry about winter bills. However, I used it so that for three to four winter months, I would be able to use that food budget to invest in myself, my business, my family.

That amazing pantry is the foundation of small wins that enables me to aim for the big wins.

And trust me, they manifest. Because I am ready for them and I plan everything carefully. I could continue to remain in that surviving mode. But I’m choosing not to.

So, if you see me saving up $5 every other day in my “whim” jar, it’s because I know that at the end of the year I don’t have to worry about Christmas presents. And by that, I’m taking my active steps toward having the wonderful tree with no spot to drop a needle beneath it.

I dream of my next tree since the day I take down the one I have this year. And you might even see me looking for new decorations in July. But that’s just me being crazy.

What’s not crazy is that I write down when I get a good deal for them.

In my “small” wins journal.

Which I read at the end of each month.

My journal allows me to analyze my habits, my patterns, my gratitude toward the things I used to take for granted.

Like the ability to lay back every evening/morning, when the entire house is sleeping, put on a meditation track and focus on my goals. Truly visualize them and plan them out.

Because you need planning and you need to understand that. Otherwise…you’re just in “someday…” mode. And that, my friend, is definitely a survival, scarcity-based mode which gets you nowhere.

This method might not work for everyone and honestly, I don’t think it should, because we’re built differently. Physically, and mentally. Like how some of the tracks I listened to from Manifestation Magic didn’t work for me when I first got them.

I spent a week getting so annoyed that I couldn’t focus and while I was looking for their refund policy, determined to give the creators “a piece of my mind”, I saw, right there on their home page, a phrase saying “hey, our frequency tracks might not work for you. Drop us a message and we’ll make you new personalized ones”. I thought “well, I COULD give it another try…”

And I’m glad I did because it was a game-changer. Just like my survival pantry.

Remember this though: I planned that pantry well before it existed. And I manifested it for even longer. And you can too, no matter where you are in your life.

Now tell me: what will you add to your manifestation journal?

If I were you, I’d add Manifestation Magic and take it from there. And maybe a “whim” jar.

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