Young And Sick AND…


THIS IS A NEW BEGINNING IN AN AGE OF ILLNESS AND DARKNESS…Heart disease, cancer, AIDS rampant drug and alcohol abuse, tabloids trash TV and the children who are being raised by it, crime, corruption, insecurity and indifference. We are living in an age of disease and darkness.
And yet, one of great hope…While I think it will get darker before it gets lighter, I also know that even the darkness is necessary. And I also believe that darkness gives us all an opportunity to spread light.
Out of challenge comes growth, from adversity – triumph. In other words: With every adversity, there is the seed of an equivalent or a greater benefit. This is the Universal Law and Wisdom of Duality. It means that everything is merely a different manifestation of its opposite and each cannot exist without its opposite. When you discover and adopt this wisdom you align yourself with the true course of nature.
It was the difficult times that I experienced in the past that today allows me to live a healthy and successful life and a lifestyle most people only dream of.
I remember years ago in 1980…, I became ill with all sorts of health problems such as allergies, high blood pressure indigestion stomach problem and overweight “not to mention other problems that were being created in the process”.
I lost my business, had no job, no car, no bank account and no credit cards. My personal life was a mess and my relationships disintegrated and worst of all, I didn’t like the person I had become.
So, I decided and committed myself to change it… Most importantly, I changed my THINKING!
…And began a program of daily health and self-development time. I started with 15 minutes a day… This was quite difficult at first. I was late, I had things to do, and I didn’t want to “waste” time. I made myself take the time. And found that by taking 15 minutes to focus before I left the house I actually ended up with more time. From there I went to 30 minutes a day. This made for more positive changes in my life.
After that I went to one hour a day, and sometimes two. This led me to the situation I’ve been blessed with today. I’ve surrounded myself with healthy, positive, successful, proactive, dynamic, charismatic people who enjoy life; I’ve worked out my relationships, and gotten out of negative relationships (and stopped repeating them); I’ve worked toward and became healthy and successful.
I didn’t get this life by chance or by luck (I believe there is no such thing as luck, luck to me means when preparation meets opportunity) – I manifested it, by working on me, and becoming the person I wanted to be. And I’m still in the process of improving which I always wanted to do. And working daily toward a higher consciousness and I’m not done.
And I never will be, because I’ve discovered that really living life (and choosing health, happiness and success) is not a destination to reach, but a journey to be relished.
Because I know that we create our own reality! Which is why I’m so excited about my latest project… It’s called the “Super Health and Wealth” Development Series.
I’d like to suggest that you subscribe. And join me in this adventure of “Super Health and Wealth”. And you will be learning more than just Alternative Natural Health Strategies.
Born out of my own quest, this series is dedicated to the search of knowledge, challenge and growth. It’s built around the inherent belief that the solutions are not only “out there, in the Universe” but safely locked within each of us. The series is for people experiencing Divine Dissatisfaction with their current situation, (health or otherwise) and secure in the knowledge that the very dissatisfaction they possess – is the springboard to manifesting their Divine Destiny. People who know that to change the world they must change themselves
“Super Health and Wealth Inner Circle Coaching program” subscribers will know that one person on purpose toward a higher consciousness harnesses the awesome power of the entire universe to their mission. They know that inner peace and the proper sense of self can withstand and eventually overcome all the forces of darkness, that disease, hate and fear are no match for health, success, love and light.
They build a higher consciousness not because it’s good for business, gives them a better relationship, or makes them successful, healthy and happy even though it does all those things. They do it simply because it is their being. If that’s you, then this program will help you live the adventure that is your future.
“Super Health Inner Circle Coaching program” will focus on different aspects of your health and body-mind each month. We’ll explore topics like natural alternative health and wellness, relationships, spiritual identity, issues of self, meditation, emotions, and prosperity consciousness. We’ll search out any subject that takes us further along the path toward higher health, success and consciousness.

Here are Some of the things you’ll learn
over the next 12 months include:

√ Security of life and its means. Thus, discovering how to break through fear and achieve the things you desire. Insecurity leads to emotional stresses that rob us of well-being:
√ The causes of negative or dysfunctional relationships – and how to prevent them;
√ The simple exercises which can allow your right brain creativity to flourish,
√ The secrets to optimum health that most people in this medical field don’t want you to know.
√ How to develop self-mastery.
The nature and purpose of disease.
The immense wisdom and providence of the body.
Nutritional bases of life.
Human physiology and anatomy and our dietary nature.
Harmful practices to avoid.
Common illnesses and disease and how a specific way of living can help.
The laws of life, unknown (or seems unknown) to conventional medicine.
How you can be healthier 6 months to 1 years from now than you are today.
How you can lose those unwanted pounds forever.
The PROTEIN MYTH and how it affects on your health.
How you can triple your energy quickly and effectively.
How you can eliminate stress forever.
The body mind connection.
Mental medicine and the health care system.
Practical applications you can use immediately
√And Much More…
When you know, what makes you and the world tick, this knowledge will liberate your mind, and you will discover how the super-achievers produce peak results (and you can too); and,
How to develop a sense of self-reliance and self-worth. Thrusting your ability to do things is essential to well-being. Thus, develop your true leadership abilities. And much more!
Of course, there’s much more, but this gives you an idea of the extensive results you’ll be achieving. Every month we’ll explore another aspect of how you shatter self-imposed limited beliefs and restrictions and experience breakthrough results in your life, health and career we’ll spend some time every month with each other.
We’ll learn together, you and I for I am not just the creator, producer or author of this entire series, I am simply a facilitator. I have spent my life seeking out people who are searching for answers, and running away from those who claim to have found them.
I don’t pretend to have all the answers and many times won’t even have the questions. But we can discover them together and create a mastermind of true health and dynamic development. We’re looking forward to a journey of challenges growth and adventure. We’ll do things bold, daring and imaginative and go to levels most can only speculate about.






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