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Health is the Most Important Commodity That
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As the creator and developer of the “Super Health Inner Circle Coaching” program in Boynton Beach, FL, I witness almost weekly cases of physical wrecks that come to us as a last resort. Many have no hope, having been medically consigned to live only a few weeks or months.
But, after a few weeks in the Super Health Inner Circle Coaching program, they see marvelous recuperation and rejuvenation. With the Super Health Inner Circle Coaching program our members learn how to overcome asthma, arthritis, breast cancer, genital herpes, acne, and a host of other “incurable” problems. You’ll learn to do it on your own, so too just like all our members learn to overcome their problems on their own. They learn to assume full responsibility for their well-being. We cure them of their “run-to-the-doctor”syndrome by teaching them full reliance upon their own inherent powers of regeneration.
There are cases in our files of diabetics who were on insulin for 20 years or more who have gone off insulin completely within a week or two and been free of the problem since. I repeat that you can do this for yourself too! And, you also can free yourself of energy-draining problems by making a few salutary changes in the way you do things. You can improve your performance levels in all areas by increasing your strength and energies. Yes, you can really do this for yourself. And only you can do it-no one else can do it for you. You must take full responsibility for your life. This course will tell you how.
The Super Health Inner Circle Coaching course comes to you once a month for you to learn at your own speed and pace. Do not be overwhelmed by the immense amount of text and reference material you’ll receive. You may refer to this as the les­sons call for, or you may elect to read this material for the colossal benefits to be derived there from.
The information in The Super Health Inner Circle Coaching program can easily earn you several diplomas for those who satisfactorily pass it.
Though this course earns you no credits in conventional Colleges, you can, be sure you will be healthier and know more than any MD who is not in the health field but in the disease treating industry.
In presenting each coaching lesson, you’ll note that it begins with a RATIONALE. This is, very briefly, the exposition of the reasons the lesson has been brought into being. The intellectual justifications for its existence are set forth. Then you’ll proceed to the objectives of the lesson.
Set forth very briefly are the purposes of the lesson with a view to the expectations of improvement you can realize by adopting the lesson’s teachings.
Other features of each lesson are a section defining certain key words that are necessary to the expression of the text material. You’ll find key concepts highlighted so that you may readily acquaint yourself with them. This will aid you immensely in mastering and applying the data each lesson presents. Salient facts are presented so that you can have something to hang your hat on. These facts are verifiable in both the scientific literature and the reference materials we’ve submitted. The foremost fact around which each lesson is constructed deserves special attention. It is what you’ll build upon.
To facilitate your mastery of the lesson material, we have outlined it so you can see the scope of the lesson at a glance. The lesson outline will aid you tremendously should you ever wish to offer information about this lesson to others without any preparation and from your own knowledge with merely the outline as a prompter.
The body of the lesson presents at length the thematic material that constitutes the message. Following the lesson, you’ll find a synopsis that briefly summarizes the primary thrusts of the lesson. Perhaps one of the most valuable features (and there are many) of each lesson is the question-and-answer section. These questions are those ‘most frequently asked by readers and participants in seminars, lectures, discussions, etc.