Are We Drugging Ourselves

Are we Drugging Ourselves Unknowingly and Unintentionally?

Most Americans foul up their bodies by drugging themselves daily, usually without realizing it.  Even babies are drugged by their physicians and parents.  America is the most drugged country on earth. No other country has such frightening disease statistics as our own beloved country.

Before showing the multitude of ways we drug ourselves, it is best to establish the meaning of the word drug. The word has many applications, but we elect to use it in a very specific application. The word drug applies to substances that undermine health and give rise to pathology when taken into the body.

Foods are nutritive substances.  Some substances taken into the body that are not food may be harmless, such as food fibers.
However, most nonfood substances taken into the body are unusable and harmful.

They are, therefore, anti-vital in character and are drugs! Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary defines a drug as a substance other than food that affects the structure or function of the body.

Among the many application of the word are: “To stupefy, to narcotize, to depress, to stimulate, to tranquilize, to sedate, to intoxicate,” etc.  Generally, drugs are regarded as medicine or healing substances. A symbol common to pharmaceutical drugs used as “medicines” is the skull and crossbones.  It signifies that the drugs are poisonous.

The containers bearing this symbol are kept in the pharmacy: and the symbol is not placed on prescription containers that are taken out of the pharmacy. Over-the-counter drugs, with which we are all familiar, are not regarded as being as dangerous and can be purchased in supermarkets and other types of stores.

They do not bear the skull and crossbones, thought they ought to. As Webster stated, a drug is “a substance other than food that affects the structure or function of the body.”  Food is, as we know, constructive.  It provides the raw material for function (energy) and growth.  Substances ingested that are not food interfere with the body’s function. An example of substance that affects the functions of the body is alcohol.  It is a highly toxic drug, and a rather small amount will intoxicate most people.

As a protoplasmic poison alcohol destroys cells by the truckload, especially nerve and brain cells. It also destroys liver cells in large-volume and contributes to cirrhosis of the liver.  Alcohol, contrary to popular misconceptions, contributes no calories to the body.  It is not digested, assimilated or metabolized.

Unfortunately, the body absorbs alcohol as alcohol and circulates it as alcohol until it can be passed off through the lungs, skin, liver and kidneys.  The body does not use alcoholic it is a narcotic drug.  The liver does detoxify a small amount of it which may be used as fuel if the need exists.

Alcohol and other drugs chemically combined with body chemicals, throwing the body out of balance or harmony, interfering with its vital processes, denying cells oxygen and in many other ways devitalizing and undermining the body.

The effects of all drugs are always destructive.  Any substance that is constructive is a food a raw material the body can digest, absorb, assimilate, metabolize and use for energy or synthesize into cells and tissues. With the character of a drug in mind, we can equate the word drug with poison.

Thus, anything that is poisonous is a drug, and all drugs are poisonous.  Anything that is destructive and has anti-vital (pathological) effects is a drug. Unconsciously, we all recognize drugs as destructive of health.

We the headline of this article “Are you drugging yourself unknowingly and unintentionally?” you recognize that drugging is a harmful practice. Yet, almost every last American is drugged daily!  “What?” you may protest, “Me, drug myself? You must be out of your mind!”

We drug ourselves unawares in many ways.  We recognize that caffeine, nicotine, theine, theobromine, prussic acid, tannic acid, alcohol, solanine, and many other chemicals are poisonous, though many Americans continue to use tobacco, alcohol, coffee, soft drinks, tea, chocolate and similar products knowing that they are poisoning themselves.  All these substances have narcotic effects and are addicting.

They are legalized narcotics although they’re generally not recognized as such. Let us recognize as a drug or anti-vital substances the following categories:

1.     Plants such as tobacco and herbs which contain toxic substance.

2.     Inorganic mineral. Humans are capable of utilizing minerals only in an organic context as elaborated by plant life.  Inorganic minerals are non-usable and toxic. While we need iodine, arsenic, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, selenium, fluorine, chlorine, and a long list of other minerals, all are very toxic in the inorganic state.  If they were usable, we could use seawater with benefits. Seawater is so poisonous that sailors would rather die from dehydration to the torments of seawater poisoning.  Every significant element leached from rock and soil can be found in seawater.

3.Toxic by product of fermentation. Bacterial excreta from the breakdown of carbohydrates (starches, sugars, cellulose, pectins) are in the form of lactic acid, alcohol, acetic acid and methane gases.  All are highly toxic.

4. Bacterial excreta from the putrefaction (rotting) of proteins. All are carcinogenic.  Among them are ammonia, mercaptans, hydrogen sulfide, indoles, skatoles, muscarine, leukomaines, ptomaine’s, putrescine, cadaverine, nerine, and methane gases.  All are highly toxic, that is, carcinogenic, and very foul smelling.

5. Irritants. All irritants are toxic.  They toxicity occasions irritation. Irritants accelerate body activities so much that the body can be said to be in a frenzy or to have thrown a general alarm because of an enemy within.

When this happens, the body’s defensive mechanisms (immune system) are heightened; circulation increases as evidenced by a higher pulse rate; and leukocytosis occurs.

Leukocytosis is leukocytes (white blood cells) in the blood and lymph.

Anything that is toxic irritates and stimulates. Among the many Irritant substances that excite the taste buds and play havoc in the body are mustard oil, as in the mustard and onion families; allicin (isothiocyanate) as in garlic; salt (all kinds); condiments as in vinegar; herbs; black. white, and red (hot) peppers; mints; basil; borage; thyme; coriander; oregano; cumin; caraway; curry; chilis; etc.

6.Toxic components of what we eat as foods. There are many foods that have toxic substances we cannot metabolize.  As biological Frugivores we did not develop the ability to secrete uricase as carnivorous animal do.

This enzyme breaks down the uric acid in meats, which consist of about 5 percent of its volume.  In humans, uric acid is neutralized by the base minerals, including calcium.  Calcium urate are thus formed,  and most are excreted.  However, some urates remain and degenerate the cartilage in the joints.

They accumulate and deform bones and joints and cause inflammations Known as arthritis, rheumatism, bursitis, gout, etc. Another ill effect of uric acid is osteoporosis of bones and teeth.  A base-deficient body will rob its bones and vital tissues of calcium and other alkaline minerals to neutralize toxic uric acid.

7. Nonfoods that cause the body to rob itself of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients for their metabolization. Nonfoods include refined sugars, refined syrups, refined flours, refined proteins such as tofu, and free oils and fats.

8. Any nonfood substance or additive used to preserve, flavor, sweeten, color or alter foods.

9. Synthetics and extracts used as vitamin supplements with the mistaken idea that the body can metabolize and use them. When we examine everything that gets into the body that cause anti-vital effects or defensive responses, the drug list broadens so vastly that it becomes frightening!

Almost all of us are poisoning ourselves!  Let’s now add a tenth category, not necessarily distinct from some categories already listed, but one that might be the real “Trojan horse” among drugs.

10. Deadly drugs that we, due to our practices, cause to be created within our bodies. Some of these drugs are alcohols, methane gasses, vinegars and lactic acids that results from undigested starches, sugars and milk lactose.  Others are hydrogen sulfide, methane gasses, ammonias, mercaptans, and the rest of the list previously cited.

These drugs arise from bacterial putrefaction of cooked and oxidized proteins. You might think we are helpless against inadvertent drugging.  Heartburn, gas eructation’s, sour stomach or acid indigestion, bellyaches, and other intestinal problems result from drug interference with body functions. Drugs maybe taking in from outside sources; they maybe created in the body; or both.

You need never suffer drug poisoning from within or without!  All drug effects must be caused by your choices of actions or by what you choose to subject yourself to.  Drugs in the body are neither natural nor normal.

They are unnatural, abnormal, unnecessary and always intoxicating. This guidance once you choose to use it and apply it, will direct you away from drugs altogether.

Let us examine, on an unconditional basis, the drugs with which we may be unintentionally assaulting our bodies.  We have consequently overlooked drugs such as aspirin, cough syrups, pharmaceuticals, heroin, cocaine, marijuana (THC), etc., because we readily recognize these substances as drugs.

A. All herbs contain toxic substances. One of America’s foremost herbalist Michael Moore of Santa Fee, New Mexico has observed.  He says…”herbs have little or no value as nutrients and should be viewed instead as purposely-ingested toxins.”  Many herbs are used as “medicines” tonics, condiments, etc.  Aloes, ginseng, and comfrey are among the highly-priced herbs today.  They contain poisonous alkaloids and glycosides, among them aloin and pyrrolizidine.  Keep in mind that anything recommended as “curative” or “medicinal” is toxic.
B. Toxic, inorganic minerals occur in seawater, soil, rocks, cooked foods, hard water, spring water, and most water in taps, streams and wells. C. Fermentation and putrefaction products are toxic.

They include sour milks, yogurts, cheeses, sauerkraut, wine, beer, alcohol, vinegar,  brewer’s  and baker’s yeast’s, soy source and many others.  Vinegar, a commonly used condiment, is not digestible and suspends digestion of other foods.  Further, it is a highly toxic substance in itself.  When purchased at 5% strength it must still be further diluted to be tolerated.

D. Irritants commonly eaten are mustard oil as in the onion and mustard family; allicin (isothiocyanate) as in garlic and horseradish; vinegar; salts; capsicum as in chilis and peppers; MSG from seaweeds; herbal extracts as in flavorings and condiments, etc.

All irritants are indigestible.  Mustard oil is not digested or used, but instead, circulate as a drug that saps body vitality until it is passed off through the lungs, skin, and kidneys.

Vinegar and alcohol are totally indigestible and prevent digestion of foods they permeate or coat.

E. Toxic components of commonly eaten foods are benzoic acid of prunes; prussic or hydrocyanic acids of certain almonds and apricot pits; oxalic acid of spinach, chard, beet greens, beets and rhubarb; lactose of milk (most of us lose the power to secret lactase, the lactose-splitting enzyme at about age three when we normally should be weaned of mother’s milk); casein of milk (likewise we cease to secrete the rennin necessary to digest milk’s protein/calcium package); gluten of wheat and other grains; phytic acid of grains; antienzyme factors in beans, especially soy and lime beans; uric acid of meat; avidin of raw eggs; solanine of potatoes and eggplants (but not in tomatoes or sweet peppers, though they are members of the same poisonous nightshade family); the acid the honeybee secrete into honey to preserve and protect its food supply, etc.

F. Refined “foods” such as sugar, tofu, white flour and white rice cannot be metabolized unless the body robs itself of its own minerals and vitamins in order to metabolize and use them.

G. We all know the danger of additives, preservatives, dyes, artificial sweeteners, etc.  We are all warned to read labels.  The salutary truth is that we shouldn’t be eating anything that has a label on it!

H. We live in an age of supplementation, or what is thought to be supplementation.  Whole foods are adequate in themselves and need no supplementation, contrary to the many myths fostered by lotion, potion, powder, and pill manufacturers and peddlers.  Even if whole foods did need supplementation, the fractionated and isolated products of whole foods would not be satisfactory.

The body uses nutrients that are in organic context.  Even if it could use organic nutrients as fractionated and isolated foods, there aren’t any around. If you read the labels on supplements, you find that most of them are synthesized in laboratories from petroleum derivatives and other chemicals.

The chemicals and mechanical processes of extraction of nutrients from plants destroy the food components. The truth is that vitamin supplements are 90 to 98 percent synthetic, even if called organic or natural, as a reading of the label will reveal.  All mineral supplements are inorganic, from rocks or shells, unusable and toxic.  All synthetic vitamins are toxic.  If you still want to use vitamin supplements go here.

I. If we eat under stress, during emotional disturbance, when fatigued, or when digestive power is low–even if it be the best of the best foods in the finest eating condition failure to digest may result in toxic by-products from bacterial decomposition.  If we eat conventional foods under these conditions, then there’s an incredible amount of intoxication.

J. Among the worst practices that we human indulge is the process of cooking.  When we fry foods, we coat them in oil.  Heated oils form indigestible hydrocarbons, acrolein and acroleic acids.  Free oils, even if unheated, are carcinogenic.  When heated, oils and fats are very carcinogenic.

They coat and prevent digestive enzymes from reaching the food.  Indigestion results with its sequence of unfavorable results.  When cooked proteins coagulate (as is readily seen with eggs), the amino acids are deaminated and cause them to become useless. Carbohydrates are dextrinized, caramelized and eventually are totally oxidized by cooking.

Minerals become inorganic, and vitamins are destroyed. Cooked foods contribute an overabundance of toxic products, which are, in reality, drugs.

When we eat cooked foods, the doubling and tripling of our leukocyte (white blood corpuscle) count evidences toxicity.  Leukocytosis is a symptom of drugging or poisoning.

White blood cells are the body mechanisms for protecting itself against toxic substances absorbed or injected.

Thus you can see to what extent drugging takes place in America.  Babies are not free of drugging, since most get impure milk from their mothers, even if not fed drugged foods or wrong foods from the beginning.

If you free yourself of drugs, (most foods and cooked foods)your health and well-being will improve phenomenally. The quickest way to free yourself of drugs that your body has retained and stored in fat cells and other areas is to undertake a complete rest.

This means to fast.  During the fast, abstain from everything except pure water.  A thoroughgoing rest of a few days to a few weeks enables the body to redirect its energies to the task “housecleaning” (cleansing and repair).

To stay free of drugs, eat only when hungry and then eat primarily fresh, ripe fruits with some raw vegetables, raw unsalted nuts and seeds in comparable combinations and in a relaxed environment.  Permit nothing other than these foods, air and pure water to pass your lips. To learn more click here!


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