Are you taking different NEW vitamin supplements all the time? Are you listening to the entire vitamin supplements infomercial on radio and TV?  How much are you spending per month on worthless supplements? And … when it comes to health, diseases and nutrition… Are you still more confused today than you were yesterday, last week, last month, last year? Of course you are, everybody is!




There is not a drug, chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, or any product, vegetable juice, herb, mineral/vitamin supplements, homeopathic medicine, or any other substance found in a store, on the Internet, or on this earth that can ever heal anyone of anything!

All healing is self-healing, and the body has the exclusive ability to make itself well again starting at the cellular level. To make sense of how self-healing works, you need to understand what is happening at the cellular level of the body when we apply the principles of “Healthology”. Our Health Newsletter is intended for long term use, learn it, apply it and you will be very healthy for a long time.






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When faced with health problems or uncertainty, most people do what everybody else is doing. Therefore, they get what everyone else is getting.  “Frustration”, Disappointment. And Dissatisfaction. People have the tendency to move with the crowd.

Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” ~ Mark Twain

So, Are you forging your own path or are you finding yourself following the herd? I get it – it’s definitely easier to follow another’s lead. You don’t have to think; it’s all done for you. In today’s social media driven world, it’s very easy to cave to pressure to conform. But, I caution you! You don’t want to be like someone else – you want to be yourself!

Now we know that getting statistical information about health is easy. Interpreting the data, finding the “truth,” and knowing how to let it impact your life… that’s a little trickier.  And that’s where we come in.

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“The Great Vitamin Supplements Con”
EXPOSED: The shameless swindle that’s cheating you out of your
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Listen and pay attention, this may actually save your life. A plain old apple contains 191 known natural chemical compounds, each of which plays an important role in human nutrition. When we eat that apple, over 1,300 chemical reactions occur to break it down into its component molecules. Those molecules are then send to exactly the areas of the body where they are required. The pectin goes to the large intestine, the vitamin C is sent to the skin, the vitamin A goes to the retinal area of the eyes, and so on times 191. We don’t consciously make it happen because we don’t even know it’s happening. There are about 160,000 edible plants and fruits on this earth (yet fewer than 20 species now provide 90% of our food.) -we didn’t put any of them there. But most of them help keep us alive. Our digestive system was designed by (Nature) God-not by any of us, and not by IBM Google or Amazon and not by a government agency. It can take almost any animal (We do not recommend eating animal products because the long-term effect are disease, suffering and premature dead. You will learn more about it in the newsletter) that walks by or any plant that springs up in an empty field and convert it into brain, bone, heart, muscle and energy to keep us alive.
Even the most arrogant and self-important “scientist” must admit that a Being far wiser than any human must have devised and implemented that will- uncomprehend nutritional system. So, don’t think that the people who make instant breakfasts or imitation orange juice or yucky white imitation bread have the slightest idea what your body needs.
That applies as well to those who turn out vitamin pills and nutritional supplements. Those fumbling human brains cannot improve on the Master Design that brought us here and allows us to survive from day to day.
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America is not a healthy country

So, Is America A Healthy Country? America is a terribly sick country! Nearly 99% of its population suffers an overabundance of diseases and their miseries and suffering. Each year Millions of Americans will suffer a “heart attack” or stroke because of cardiovascular blockage.

Chances are about 95% that you have plaque in your arteries and about 50% ( 1 out of 2 people) that you will die from this disease, unless, of course, you head off the merciless lifestyle by cleaning up your act while there is still time.

“Health in America is a Myth!” Americans are the least fit people on earth! Americans are the creatures of an all-pervading, life-sapping drug culture.

We Americans realize less than half our life potential and much of our shortened life is troubled with economic insecurity, tormenting chronic diseases, general suffering, and useless hopes of stopping. In imploring you to consider learning a different health system and lifestyle so that you can help yourself, we appeal to your innate humanness. Lest you underestimate the gravity of the problem or the extent of suffering amongst Americans because of deadly life practices, please consider the following distressing facts:

The U.S. Public Health Service recognizes a mere 3,900,000 of over 328,000,000 people as being healthy! This is only one percent or less.

Nearly 50% die of heart disease, cardiovascular problems or strokes. Over 50,000,000 suffer from severe heart disease. Autopsies have indicated that almost every child over the age of four already has beginning to severe cardiac problems; heart specialists say that nearly everyone over thirty-five has some form of heart disease. About 1,250,000,000 visits are made to physicians annually! Another 250 billion are made to hospital emergency rooms and clinics. About 7,000,000 people each year are so seriously poisoned by prescription drugs as to be hospitalized!

Ten of thousands die. The so-called side effects or adverse reactions to drugs are perfumed language for “poison effects.” An estimated 30,000,000 Americans suffer from genital herpes formally called syphilis. One out of three American will have cancer and within 5 years it will be one out of 2 people. There was an about 500,000 cancer death in 1995. This is up from 350,000 annual deaths when the “war on cancer” began in 1971. And cancer is the number one cause of death among our children. Arthritis and rheumatic complaints will affect 77% of our adult population! Currently there are over 40,000,000 sufferers from arthritis. About 80,000,000 Americans suffer from so-called allergies. Over 60% suffer defective vision. Glasses are the usual “remedies” which, in reality, worsen the problem.

About 70% are overweight yet, nearly all are malnourished in one way or another despite gross overeating. About 51 percent suffer from at least one chronic disease. Over 60,000,000 will spend some time in a hospital each year! About 10,000,000 suffer from the dread and ugly skin disease psoriasis. Another estimated 150,000,000 suffer less sever forms of skin diseases such as acne, eczema, warts, moles, rashes, blotches, etc. Over 50% of Americans suffer from chronic digestive disorders. You can overcome these once and for all within a day or two of undertaking A CORRECT LIFESTYLE regimen. Digestive problems arise out of wrong diet and poor dietary practices. Constipation is the national disease. Nine out of ten Americans suffer from clogged colons.

Americans will suffer over 1,300,000,000 colds this year! The average child under four will suffer eight colds a year! Why? In 2,500 years, the medical system has not come up with a “cure” for this simple malady. If you live healthfully, you will no longer suffer colds. More than two billion dollars are spent annually on deodorants, not to mention what will be wasted on perfumes, colognes, breath sweeteners, etc. Body odors and foul smells are evidence of foul body conditions.

What terrible stenches Americans try to hide and camouflage. More than 1.2 trillion dollars was spent in 2005 on health care (that’s what they call it-actually it’s what Americans will spend vainly trying to overcome their diseases)! The average American has an annual disease bill of over $5,000! Disease is expensive!Health is inexpensive!

There are over 15,000,000 asthmatics in this country. Most can be freed of their suffering in from five to fifteen days. Their health will be completely restored within three to four weeks. Only asthmatics with emotional disorders require recovery periods longer than this. There are over 27,000,000 diabetics or near-diabetics (Type II) in America. Except where severe atrophy of pancreatic faculties has occurred, almost all diabetics can be restored to fairly nor-mal lives without insulin.

There are over 55,000,000 insomniacs in America. Most sleeplessness is caused by our myriad of drug and condiment habits. Over 120,000,000 Americans drink alcohol, a narcotic drug, and over 15,000,000 are chronic alcoholics. Approximately 60,000,000 Americans narcotize themselves with tobacco. Nicotine is a deadly narcotic, being but one of some 18 poisons taken into the system by smokers.

There are over 95 percent sugar addicts in America. While we naturally have a sweet tooth, refined sugar is a very pernicious product. Americans eat an average of 147 pounds each year. Sugar has been indicted as one of the chief culprits in heart disease, indigestion, bad teeth and a host of other serious complaints. Americans consume 250 billion cups of coffee a year. Caffeine is another debilitating drug to which most Americans are addicted. Hardly an American alive has not at some time been subjected to narcotic drugs by their physicians or to commonly sold medicine they’ve bought themselves, notably the analgesic, opium based drugs such as codeine, amphetamines, barbiturates, tranquilizers, aspirins, etc.

Almost every baby born in America has already been drugged before birth, either by physicians or by drugs in the mother’s blood stream when she is drugged (which is often!) But, at birth, drugging of children is routine. One out of five Americans under the age of 17 already has a permanent (chronic) disabling disease. While most of these are reversible with a change to healthful habits, the great majority of the victims will never know what healthful habits are. Surveys, tests, and health evaluation programs reveal that America’s medical professionals (physicians) are sicker and more diseased than the average American! The average physician dies 16 years younger than the population at large.

Is it not revealing to find “heart specialists” succumbing to so-called heart attacks in their relative youth, that is, in their forties and fifties? America’s worst drug offenders are physicians! The number of physicians on so-called hard drugs (heroin, opium, cocaine, etc.) was about 17 times greater than the number among the general population, according to a series of articles printed in the New York Times in mid 1975. In 1992, SPOTLIGHT reported drug addiction among physicians to be 44 times as great.

An estimated 100,000,000 Americans suffer high blood pressure (hypertension). Under a new life style regime, you’ll learn how to reduce high blood pressure to a normal blood pressure within a few days to a few weeks. Over 14,000,000 children are ‘mentally retarded,” disturbed, defective or otherwise seriously handicapped because of brain problems.

Most mental defects result from the child being drugged via the mother during pregnancy. Over 20% of births are of mentally and/or physically defective children. Most of our populations (98.5%) have bad teeth! Over thirty-five million have no teeth of their own. Fillings, dental cavities, decayed and deformed teeth are so prevalent that they are considered normal. The Washington Post has stated that despite thousands of tons of toothpaste, mouthwashes, fluoridated water, etc., the American mouth is a disaster area.

The average American child has six cavities by school age. Bad teeth are symptomatic of bad health. Good teeth can possibly serve the human organism for several centuries if properly nourished by a healthy body. Over 25,000,000 Americans suffer from “mental illness.” Life expectancy of a one-year-old is no more today than it was in 1900! Life expectancy is actually declining in the U.S.A. today when this is taken into consideration. Healthy people live happy lives far longer than 100 years. Today, over 92 percent (and it’s getting worse) of America’s children cannot pass a minimum physical fitness test! That compares with 58.6 percent in 1954.

This is a tragedy that we must strive to change. TV, and computer game freaks, junk fooders and couch potatoes number more than 20% of our population. About 100,000,000 aspirins are taken daily in the U.S.A. This amounts to about 80,000,000 pounds of aspirin yearly. Other pain relievers exceed this. What a king-sized headache Americans suffer. You’ll learn how to free yourself of headaches once and for all by healthful living. Nearly all Americans (almost 100 percent) suffer from digestive leukocytosis and a pathologically high heartbeat.

These conditions are largely the result of a pathogenic diet of cooked, processed, preserved and improper foods, drug habits and lack of healthful practices.

Over 200,000,000 Americans are hooked on one or more drug habits! The most frequently used drugs are caffeine (in coffee and soft drinks), salt and other condiments, nicotine, alcohol, aspirin, theme (in tea), theobromine (in cocoa and chocolate) and vinegar. Nearly 100 percent of American women of childbearing age suffer with bloodletting associated with sloughing off the menses. Unfortunately, this is regarded as normal.

This disease, incorrectly called menstruation, is not to be confused with ovulation, a normal, healthy process. Nature did not institute a scheme of bloodletting or pain for either women, men or other creatures. Some 16,000,000 Americans suffer from ulcers. Ulcers heal quickly under natural care. An estimated 36,000,000 Americans suffer from tinnitus or ringing in the ears.” This problem disappears when natural measures are employed. Over 5 billion sleeping pills are consumed annually. Nearly 20,000 people annually die from them. In 1992, 20,819 children under 6 years of age died from iron-enriched foods and iron supplements. An estimated 13 billion barbiturate and amphetamine pills are taken annually by Americans.

Tranquilizers are a way of life for 15,000,000 Americans. Tranquilizers are synthetic narcotics. Over 25,000,000 Americans submit to the surgeon’s knife each year. Surgery removes the results of wrong living, but it cannot correct our unhealthful habits. About 700,000 women submit to hysterectomies each year. Murders, suicides, juvenile delinquency, narcotic addictions and other forms of crime are rife and increasing. Truly, sick people make a sick nation. 41,000,000 Americans suffer from hemorrhoids.

Does this sound like a healthy Nation? I could go on with a seemingly endless resume of such statistics, but why do so? The National Center for Health Statistics of the U.S. Public Health Service publishes volumes that reflect the widespread pathology of Americans. Almost daily we see such statistics published in newspapers, magazines and periodicals. I hope that you’re convinced that good health in America is a myth, and matters are in a terrible state and getting worse. I hope that you will undertake to do something constructive about your situation.

In spite of all the great advances in many branches of science and technology, we are still in a period of prehistory, and dark age, in our thinking about health, disease and healing.

The death rate decreases from 35% to 60% when physicians go on strike as they did in Los Angeles, Israel, Holland and Canada. This indicates just how deadly the drugging craft is. About 98% of Americans suffer digestive upsets. No wonder Tagamet, antacids and other so-called digestive aids are multibillion dollar sellers. 10% of Americans suffer mental defects. About a third of Americans have neuroses and, at any given time, another third are in the throes of depression. Tell me, does this describe a healthy or a happy nation?

What the world desperately needs is a new concept of health. A different orientation of thoughts, words and deeds than we have been led to accept for countless generations is now urgently call for”.

Everything that we do (cause) has an effect on our lives and we are always responsible even if we are no longer aware that we’re doing it.

Can you imagine trying to develop a drug to “cure” drunkenness without going to the root of the whole matter, i.e. the person drinking habit? How can we deal with drunkenness if the person who drinks continues to drink? (or if you’re a smoker).

This is what happens with the conventional medical approach. They try to remedy effects or symptoms without dealing with the cause. In reality they prescribe drugs, perform surgery and radiation treatments while almost totally ignoring basic causes of physiological problems.

They resort to crippling surgery and treatments running into the thousands of dollars when the problems can be simply and inexpensively solved by a change in lifestyle practices.

Everything you’re being told about health in America today is a lie. The US Government manufactures date and manipulates markets so the super-rich get richer at the expense of the general public. The stock market, bond market, currency market, commodities market, the real estate markets are all 100% rigged. And more so is the medical and pharmaceutical industry. If they would tell us the truth, they would be out of business.

How did all started

Fighting Frenchmen

How These 2 Forever battling Frenchman discovered — and then buried the hidden cause of disease…

Did you ever think that the so called scientist who’s famous for “pasteurized” milk – may also be responsible for all the health problems that we have today, including all the above and also, stiff joints… fuzzy thinking… poor circulation… and low energy, and much more?

I sure didn’t – until 45 years ago when I learned this 100% effective Natural health system that I want to teach you today.

However, let me tell you about these two disputing Frenchmen”!

Let me tell you about these fellas…

I think that you probably heard of Louis Pasteur, right? He’s the “scientist” credited with erroneously discovering how germs can make you sick.

Because of Pasteur and his “germ theory” – which created an entire industry of pharmaceutical and poisonous drugs  called medicine – According to Pasteur the purpose was to kill germs before they kill us. Outright lies.

I think that you have NOT heard of Antoine Bechamp. Am I right?

He was also a French scientist – and a bitter rival of Pasteur. While the scientific community was hailing Pasteur’s “germ theory” as a medical breakthrough…

However, Bechamp had the courage and the “scientific” proof to say Nonsense!

It’s no wonder these quarreling Frenchmen caused a commotion in the scientific community. That’s because Bechamp discovered it’s not the germ – but the terrain – or the body’s environment that really makes you sick.

He boldly claimed that germs are just chemical by-products that affect an unbalanced, malfunctioning body.

In other words… If your body is too toxic – it provides the right terrain for germs and diseases to grow. But if your body is cleansed – you can virtually yank out the welcome mat – and fight off any germ that tries to attack.

These two extremely diverse approaches caused a major uproar among scientists at the turn of the 20th century.

If you followed Pasteur – you attacked the germ. If you believed in Bechamp’s approach – you cleanse and nurtured the body.

To put an end to the feud – the medical establishment decided to endorse only one of these approaches. And let me say this…

It doesn’t take a rocket scientists to figure out who they backed. Ka‑ching! They went for the big bucks!

Pasteur’s theory came with an astronomical payoff. If germs cause diseases – then create and PATENT drugs to kill germs! More germs. More patented drugs.

MORE PROFITS for drug companies, hospitals, doctors and “scientists”! It’s no wonder Pasteur became known as the “Father of Pharmaceutical Drugs”!

Bechamp’s approach – on the other hand – had no significant, financial value. Keeping the body in healthy acid-alkaline balance meant eating healthy foods… managing stress… exercising… all NON-patentable remedies. NO PROFITS!

With no drugs to patent – Bechamp’s breakthrough research and discovery was actually ridiculed!


“When you find yourself on the side of popular opinion it’s time to pause and reflect”– Mark Twain


To make sense of how Health and self-healing works, you need to understand what is happening at the cellular level of the body when we apply the principles of “Healthology” found in the Truth In Health newsletter, Super Health Education and in all our health educational programs. You will learn all of it with our monthly Newsletter subscription. Transforming Disease into Health System.

If you’re follow artificially manufactured health and political drama such as the TV doctors, national debt discussions, entitlement reforms, budget negotiations, fiscal cliffs, debt ceiling, etc., etc., etc., etc. you need and must keep one fact at the forefront of your mind.

Everything that they are doing is an act. Everything they are telling you is a lie and they know it. Once you accept that fact and you’re willing to accept responsibility, it becomes possible for you to be totally healthy and to profit enormously from their deceptions. Forget everything you thought you knew about your Health!

There is a staggering amount of WRONG INFORMATION out there about health and even your own doctor may not know about other alternatives that are true and really work! Get the information that they don’t want you to have! Discover the SECRET!




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When faced with health problems or uncertainty, most people do what everybody else is doing. Therefore, they get what everyone else is getting. “Frustration”, Disappointment. And Dissatisfaction. People have the tendency to move with the crowd. Now we know that getting statistical information about health is easy. Interpreting the data, finding the “truth,” and knowing how to let it impact your life…that’s a little trickier. And that’s where we come in.




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  11. Enables you to help others realize the same benefits you realize for yourself.

My name is Dr. Laurence Galant, I’m not a medical doctor and like I’ve said above I do not diagnose, I do not treat, or “cure” only you body can do that! My doctored degree is in Health and Nutritional Science. You’ll probably find our approach to health matters “very radical” even if you are health-oriented. “Healthology” is the term we use for the Natural Health System we teach. Healthology is the opposite of “Pathology.” which is the “science” dealing with the nature of diseases, their causes, symptoms and effects, and the circumstances that constitute a diseased condition. Healthology deals only with health conditions and how to achieve maximum health.


Why should you find our approach so sharply different than all the others?…
Because the world at large has a medical (pathology) mentality, even those who fancy themselves health aware. The great bulk of the people, including some 25,000,000 plus, who patronize health food stores and think themselves as being savvy to health matters and the health scene, are victims of medical misconceptions.
For example, conventional health seekers think in terms of “cures” coming from outside the body, such as from medicine, (drugs) vitamins, mineral, herbs, protein and other deficiencies. Medical people are even seeking cures. Health seekers are also seeking cures. Where medical practitioners look to drugs for cures, health seekers are looking for some magic food or herb to do the trick.
Almost all are of the frame of mind that disease is inevitable unless it’s prevented. Our “Healthology” program presents an entirely different approach. We hold that exuberant and radiant health is normal and natural. And that disease, suffering and sickness are abnormal, unnatural and unnecessary.
  1. We content that health can be realized only by healthful living practices and that the standards for healthful living practices have been established in nature from the very beginning.
  2. We totally reject the idea of curing. We believe that the whole concept of drugs and medicine is a pure myth.
  3. We maintain and prove that all living organisms are self-sufficient in all aspects of their existence if their needs are supplied in accord with their biological adaptation.
  4. We also emphasize that “dis-ease” does not have to happen unless it is caused. Cease to indulge in the cause of disease and disease will not occur.
  5. Healthful Living Practices produces health results and pathogenic living practices inevitably produce diseased results.
This simple Philosophy which we call “Healthology” has proven itself under the most rigorous testing – results! Once you’ve witnessed marvelous recoveries from diseases under the Healthology administration, even from “incurable” diseases of long standing, you’ll be infected with the confidence and enthusiasm that will launch a successful cause of actions and pursuit.

Now we ask you…


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“Truth in Health” newsletter details extensive, diversified and revealing natural health information, which is second to none in the industry, that we have carefully researched following the basic fundamental principles of Natural Hygiene and that you will receive with your subscription.  Here is an additional brief overview of the information it contains:

* The nature and purpose of disease.
* The immense wisdom and providence of the body.
* The nutritional bases of life.
* Human physiology and anatomy and our dietary nature.
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America is a terribly sick country! Nearly 99% of its inhabitants suffer in some manner. Untold millions endure excruciating pains. Each year millions of people will for the first time suffer the agony of cancer , arthritis , asthma, and other debilitating maladies. Yet our medical fraternity, into whose laps we must lay a great deal of the responsibility for this tragedy, bas the temerity to boast that America is the best-fed and among the healthiest nations and that our “health-care” is unexcelled anywhere in the world. (Explained in details within the newsletter).




That the medical pretense of a healthy America is patently false is attested by the statistics that follow. The much publicized ballyhoo of good health is a downright myth! Contrary to what the medical profession, the press, radio and T V – in short, the involved commercial interests would have us believe, health in America is in a woeful state. Americans are among the least fit peoples on Earth! Americans are the creatures of an all-pervading, life-sapping drug culture. We Americans realize less than half our life potential and much of our shortened life is plagued with economic insecurity, tormenting chronic diseases, general suffering and vain hopes of surcease.

In imploring you to consider membership in the Life Science Home Health Plan-in asking you to consider learning the health system of Life Science so that you can help others and even pursue a career in the health field, we appeal to your innate humaneness as well as your wish to be of meaningful service to others.

Lest you underestimate the gravity of the problem or the extent of suffering amongst Americans because of deadly life practices, please consider these distressing facts:

Those who do not know the truth form a body of stagnant minds that brings about human degeneration. Progress demands that the truth be recognized and observed.

Truth has never come from the masses. It has come from one or a few who were willing to be ostracized or martyred for their steadfast devotion to it. The masses ever remain fixed in the ruts their fore bearers have fashioned. They remain so until an army of dissenters, revolutionists and brave men and women gradually move them off dead center.

To think and act constructively is man’s highest function. To remain contented in the ruts of accepted thinking is a herd characteristic that will leave humanity mired in the miseries of its errors.

Humankind is presently being engulfed in suffering because of unawareness of life’s sterling truths. And as a result, “They are using the most powerful activator of human decision-making process – FEAR.”When people are in “FEAR”, they are easily controlled!

Once you have the glimmer of truth it is your duty to invest it in your life and to make it known to those around you in inoffensive and unobnoxious ways. You should help spread truth with every resource at your command. Do what you can.



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