Title: Navigating Health: Natural
Hygiene vs. Conventional Medicine


In the realm of health and well-being, two contrasting approaches often stand at crossroads: Natural Hygiene/Health and conventional medicine. Both offer paths to wellness, but they diverge significantly in philosophy, methods, and outcomes. As your consultant, I will guide you through a comparative exploration of these two paradigms, shedding light on their merits and potential drawbacks.

Natural Hygiene/Health: Embracing Nature’s Wisdom Imagine a holistic approach that aligns with the body’s innate healing power. Natural Hygiene/Health emphasizes the body’s ability to heal itself when provided with the right conditions. Visualize a garden, where the body thrives like a well-tended ecosystem. Natural Hygiene/Health encourages whole, plant-based nutrition, regular exercise, adequate rest, and mindfulness—ingredients that create a fertile ground for vibrant health.


Conventional Medicine: The Science of Intervention Now, envision a toolkit of medical interventions—prescriptions, surgeries, and therapies—that address specific “symptoms” and diseases. Conventional medicine is grounded in science and technology, seeking to diagnose and “treat” ailments. Imagine a machine, where each part is meticulously calibrated for optimal performance. Conventional medicine offers quick relief, often using pharmaceuticals and surgical procedures.


Holistic Approach vs. Targeted Intervention: Picture a puzzle with missing pieces—the body as a complex whole. Natural Hygiene/Health approaches health as an interplay of physical, mental, and emotional aspects. It strives for balance, addressing the root causes (cause and effects) of issues rather than merely alleviating symptoms. Conventional medicine, on the other hand, underperforms with targeted involvement. It’s like fixing a single piece of the puzzle while acknowledging that other pieces may remain incomplete.


Empowerment vs. External Expertise: Imagine an individual empowered with knowledge, understanding their body’s signals and making informed choices. Natural Hygiene.Health? Encourages self-awareness and personal responsibility for your health. Conventional medicine often relies on external “experts”—doctors, specialists, and technicians—who diagnose and prescribe treatments based on their “expertise”.


Prevention vs. Treatment: Visualize a scenario where the fence is built before the cliff, preventing falls rather than rescuing after the fact. Natural Hygiene/Health places a strong emphasis on preventive measures, aiming to avoid disease by promoting a healthy lifestyle. Conventional medicine, while really offering preventive strategies, is often renowned for its ability in diagnosing and treating existing ailments.


Holistic Health vs. Specialized Care: Imagine a tapestry woven from various threads of well-being—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Natural Hygiene strives for holistic health, acknowledging the interconnectedness of these facets. Conventional medicine’s strength lies in specialized care—expertise in specific areas, enabling targeted treatment and critical interventions.


Conclusion: In the realm of health, Natural Hygiene and conventional medicine serve as contrasting guides, each with its merits and limitations. Natural Hygiene embraces holistic well-being, aligning with the body’s natural rhythms. Conventional medicine offers precision in diagnosis and treatment, excelling in critical care scenarios.


As you navigate your health journey, consider the best of both worlds. Harness the preventive power of Natural Hygiene and the precision of conventional medicine when needed. Ultimately, the choice between these paradigms rests on your values, health goals, and the unique path you envision for your well-being.


Note: This comparative article aims to provide an overview of Natural Hygiene/Health and conventional medicine, highlighting their differences and potential benefits. It’s essential to delve deeper into specific aspects and consult healthcare professionals for personalized advice.


Here is out take on it: This is a CHALLENGE to Medicine! “We challenge that the present conventional medical system is entirely false. That it is untrue in physiology, absurd in science, in opposition to natural principles, contrary to common sense, disastrous in results and a curse to humanity”.



If you lived as much as possible in accord with your biological mandate, you’d be vigorous from infanthood until a natural death at around 140 to 160 years of age. You’d never suffersickness or disease. Bounding health is nature’s norm for all her creatures.
You can confirm this by observing deer in nature. They live their full life span without a day of sickness. A deer only days before natural death is as active and athletic as the younger members of its herd. Health is as natural as birth. Death is as natural as life. Suffering does not normally attend creatures in nature in life or death.
For you this information reveals possibilities of health that are fully in accord with our biological mandate. With our thousands of innate guardian angels- control and defensive mechanisms that adjust to cope with every conceivable condition in nature, there is no reason why anyone cannot realize their full life potential of 140to 160disease-free years.
When we assault our bodies with unnatural influences and substances-when we subject our bodies to abnormal conditions, then our bodies are stressed and distressed. The result is failure of the body to meet its normal eliminative tasks in face of the extraordinary impositions upon it. Accumulations of uneliminated endogenous wastes and toxic substances taken in from outside impair function and threaten life itself. When these conditions reach a critical point the body will institute an emergency purification and repair crisis. Energies normally available for digestion and activities are redirected to “housecleaning” chores and restoration of cells and tissues that have been damaged or destroyed by the toxic accumulation. These crises constitute our illnesses, diseases or ailments.
Disease results when the body is burdened with pathogenic substances. Disease results, not because of some supposed entities referred to as viruses nor are they caused by bacteria which are our symbiotic partners in nature, but because we have indulged or subjected ourselves to pathogenic influences and substances.
The idea of preventing diseases is thus wide of the mark, for diseases are not inevitable. In view that diseases will not occur unless caused, all we need do is discontinue the causes and adopt healthful practices.
Equipped with countless thousands of physiological faculties and mechanisms for maintaining perfect health, there is no reason why the human body should ever suffer a single day of sickness through a long euphoric life of about 150 years. Only when the body is overwhelmed by pathogenic influences and substances beyond its abundant abilities to cope does disease and impairment result.
One of the grand plans of self-preservation in nature is self-healing. All organisms are self- restorative if impaired. Under the condition of a body-initiated emergency-a healing crisis-a condition we label as sickness, malady, ailment or disease, the body will purge itself of accumulated toxic materials which are- the sole basic causes of sickness. Put upon a healthful regime sufferers of such affections as asthma, acne, arthritis, epilepsy, tumors, allergies, diabetes and a multitude of other ” incurable” conditions disappear in a few days to a few months. When the causes of disease are discontinued and the conditions of health established, the body will restore itself to normalcy to the extent irremedial organic damage has not been sustained.
No matter what your age, you can realize renewed health to the extent of potential which is quite great in most of us. As long as there is residual vitality left the body will restore itself. The marvelous power within chat developed our bodies and brains from a fertilized ovum is all the power needed to rebuild us. This great power remains resident as long as life is within. Nothing else can substitute for the powers of life.
As long as we have life there is the possibility for wonderful health and well-being. This is the great revelation! Health is normal and natural. When impairing influences and practices have caused ill- nesses and chronic suffering, the discontinuance of their causes and the provided creation of the conditions of health will result in greatly improved health and even euphoric well-being.