Everything You Being Told Is a Lie.

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Remember: Health is our greatest wealth”! With health everything is a source of pleasure; without it nothing else is enjoyable … the greatest of all mistake and unfortunate decision caused by bad judgment or lack of information is to sacrifice health for any other kind of happiness, whether it be for financial gain, advancement, learning, or fame; “everything must be made secondary to Health!” Let’s face it, whatever our goals are; we want to achieve them, because they make us FEEL GOOD.
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Therefore, what we are about to share with you is very controversial. Read it with an open mind.

You will learn that everything you’re being told is a lie. The US Government manufactures date and manipulates markets so the super-rich get richer at the expense of the general public.
The stock market, bond market, currency market, commodities market, the real estate market are all 100% rigged. And so is
the medical and pharmaceutical industry. If they would tell you the truth, they would be out of business.
In this article we will only discuss the health of society and how it’s effecting you.
Are YOU aware that every field has had its authority; every wrong concept and false system of the past had its “authorities.  We readily acknowledge the errors of the past and that their “authorities” were misguided.
What we do not readily perceive is that many concepts, systems and practices of today are not only equally erroneous, but that they also have many apologists and “authorities.” This is Blind Obedience!



Blind obedience is when people, regardless of whether they believe what they are doing is morally, ethically, or legally right, they just do what they are told… Especially when it comes to their Health!
In all of my 40 years of research and all of my watching and observation of human nature, I would have to say that the most destructive behavior on this earth is easily that of “BLIND OBEDIENCE”.
All the schools thought us and now teach our kids to do it without questions, and it is wrong! Religion teaches us that we must accept it because that’s the way it is. Science says we are experts; therefore, we are right. Doctors say we have trained and therefore we are right as we are the cleverest among you…

It’s all BS Think for yourself; “Blind Obedience” is Dangerous.

There is a saying that says that if anyone wants to look after your affairs and circumstances, they usually do it in their own best interest.
Well, this is especially true when it comes to your mind; no-one looks after that as good as you do. And your job is to question each and every one of your ‘beliefs’ and eventually accept the truth that you find.
Don’t accept that I’m telling you the truth. Question that also. Do not blindly follow without questioning any of the ‘beliefs’ you have been brought up with.
The reason you are here now and not living the healthy life of your dreams is that the health system you have been brought up with has not delivered for you… so it is time to think differently.
We are educated from birth to believe with blind obedience schools, teachers, religion, science and doctors without question.
Yet if you watch children, you will see that before we, as adults, beat it out of them with the same dogma that was used on us, they have a natural success ability that adults have lost through lack of use.
And we all know that whatever we don’t us we lose. However, children under the age of eight all are still attached to their natural instinct, so when they are told something, they ask “Why?” However, we, as adults, when we let “beliefs” in without continuing to observe them and check that they are correct, forget this most basic question.
You must start to question what you “believe in the most. You must wakeup from your sleep, you have been in the waking sleep or unconscious awake state since the age of eight. Why you need to do this? Because the truth is the truth; our ‘beliefs’ do not matter as the truth is the truth.
A horrific example of Blind Obedience was what caused Jim Jones to create the 1978 Jonestown massacre, in which more than 900 people committed mass suicide by drinking (the Kool-Aid) a flavored drink mixed with Valium, chloral hydrate, cyanide, and Phenergan. (if any of you don’t know or don’t remember, Google it)
Another horrific example of Blind Obedience was when it caused the death of millions of people in the German prison camps. The German people were asleep (unconscious) when they follow Hitler with blind obedience. And the rest of the world was asleep (as they are now) when thy let Hitler do it.
Blind obedience happens when people are unconscious and are looking for a solution to their problems. Whatever comes along that looks like a solution, the unconscious mind will jump onto. Then so that they don’t have to admit that they are wrong, they force a chemical bond with it so that they follow with blind obedience.
What you need more than anything else is to continually question you “beliefs” and think for yourself.
Make a decision now that you are open and responsive to any new ‘beliefs’ that will support you in getting where you ‘want’ to go and that you are willing to give up anything that limits you in anyway.
We are abundant creatures; we do not like to limited and caged and locked up. Do not give in to caging ‘beliefs.’ The problem is that a ‘belief’ that is wrong, but that you hold to be certainly true, will act like a magnet and will continually pull you in the wrong direction.
Remember that nothing stands still; every thought and ‘belief’ will either take you toward where you want to go, or away from it. Now it’s time to take a look somewhere you don’t ‘want’ to to look
It is not disbelief that is dangerous to our society; it is belief – George Bernard Shaw
Unfortunately, most Americans today are robot thinkers. This is to say they’re not thinkers at all. When faced with challenges, (problems) they do practically everything but get right down to the real labor of solving them by reflection and logical thinking. They’re likely to rely on “authorities,” “authoritative references or sources” or whatever they’re told in response to their questions.
The thrust of the Super Health Inner Circle/Healthology Institute will be to train you to question everything through deliberative procedures and to think things out in logical steps. We teach you that, in certain areas, most people are wrong about most things most of the time. This is especially true in the field of health.
Ignorance and misconceptions predominate in the health field. This is unfortunate, for attaining health is really simple. Even the animals of fields and forests master health without deliberate thinking. While we teach you the complexities of our sophisticated science, we also teach you to always keep in mind the utter simplicity of it all.
Our biggest task is in de-programming you of all the medical misconceptions that have been imbedded in your intellectual structure. Once you’ve learned our techniques in questioning and reflection, you’ll sense where the truth lies immediately and you’ll be able to understand and explain it quickly and easily.
The mastery of this new way of learning will be gradually as you saturate yourself with the knowledge we teach. You’ll see the techniques evidenced many times as instructions turn misconceptions upside down and, in true Socratic fashion, ask a few devastating but enlightening questions.
In a word, we will teach you to rely upon more creative thinking than upon rote learning. What you usually learn by rote is useless, for it can be retrieved from reference books. The ability to think, however, is priceless!
Our vision is to educate, inform and inspire! Helping You Help Yourself to a Healthier Way of Life.
Believing an “authority” on faith is an attempt to escape from our duty to investigate and get down to the real labor of thinking things out ourselves. Self-reliance must be cultivated; for it is truly only ourselves upon whom we can rely. If we rely on others to do our thinking we become servants to them, for authorities almost always think in their own favor.
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Not only that, authorities do not agree among themselves – they contradict each other. This is self-evidence they are wrong. Truth is never contradictory to itself.
To appeal to authority and to rely on it as proof for our beliefs and opinions is mental laziness.
Truth makes authority. If truth is there, then authority fails. Either way, reliance upon “authority” is not called for.
“They must find it difficult… those who have taken authority as the truth, rather truth as the authority.” – Gerald Massey.
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“What does the average individual know about keeping well? Almost nothing. — The people and their doctors are all in the same boat together with a blind man at the helm. They lack the chart and compass and drift aimlessly on a sea of ignorance and misinformation.”  Dr. Herbert Shelton:
“Nurture your mind with great thoughts, for you will never go any higher than you think.” – Benjamin Disraeli: Was a British statesman and author
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And why health?  America is a terribly sick country! (Our Goal is to end diseases and poverty)!
*1 out of 2 Americans will die of heart disease.
*1 out of 3 Americans will die of Cancer. Plus, an estimated 200,000 lung cancer per year in the U.S. alone.
*Diabetes is on the rise and catching up with heart disease and cancer.
*70% are overweight yet, nearly all are malnourished in one way or another despite gross overeating.
*More than 51 percent suffer from at least one chronic disease.
*Over 100,000,000 will spend some time in a hospital each year!
*Over 50% of Americans suffer from chronic digestive disorders.
*Over 200,000 yearly will die from the so-called side effects or adverse reactions to drugs which are perfumed language for “poison effects.”
*There are about 55,000,000 insomniacs in America.
*An estimated 100,000,000 Americans suffer high blood pressure. And blood pressure is on the rise. Over 35,000,000 Americans suffer from “mental illness.”
*There are over 95 percent sugar addicts in America.
*46.5 million Adults with diagnosed arthritis. The worst part is that they have become an accepted part of society because of having existed for so long.
*Over 200,000,000 Americans are hooked on one or more drug habits! And much more!
Does that sound like a healthy or happy Country? I could go on with a seemingly endless list of such statistics, but why do so? The National Center for Health Statistics of the U.S. Public Health Service publishes volumes that reflect the widespread pathology of Americans. Almost daily we see such statistics published in newspapers, magazines, TV and periodicals.
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