The 400 Letter


Deeds not words

About 400 individuals are currently sharing
about 100 billion dollars every year.

This is a personal invitation for you to become one of them.

A Secret So Powerful We’ve Guarded It For Over 70 Years.
This is serious. Though we’ve never met: I am going to share a secret that will make you a millionaire many times over. And then I am going to swear you to secrecy. Requiring you to sign a confidentiality agreement. And swear you an oath of loyalty to our faction.
“Courage Conquers” Let me be explicitly clear concerning one fact. You will soon be a multi-millionaire. The only way you will not be a multi-millionaire is if you don’t have the courage to accept my invitation. Everyone in possession of our secret becomes an instant millionaire many times over simply for knowing the secret. This is the most certain fact you’ve ever been told. Failure is not an option. There’s simply so much wealth to be divided among us each year, that it’s difficult for the uninitiated to comprehend. And it is not feasible for one of us to fail.
To illustrate:

O. C. in Portland N.Y. made over $36,000,000.

V. H. in Sarasota Florida made over $24, 560.000

U. N. in Brewster N. Y. mad $40, 812, 300

And these are by no means large earners among the 400. The secret to guard with your life is… Understandably until you accept my terms, I can’t teach you exactly how the transactions are done. But I can give you an overview. Let’s he example of O. C. above. O. C. capitalizes on a commodity enhancement. It’s a paper transaction. Executed over 30,000 times monthly, 1,000 to 3,000 at a time, 40 cent units are redeemed at $90 plus. In total, over 406,511 were redeemed for over $36 million Dollars. There is no risk. The priced are fixed prior to execution. It is simply a matter of knowing how and where to claim your millions.

The means of claiming this 100 billion dollar a year is the most fiercely guarded financial secret of our time. None among the 400 have ever betrayed this. For years there was a tightly woven alliance among the 400. But starting 3 years ago, things began to change and last month, the alliance began to fragment. If I knew that almost 200 of the 400 would be in league with my faction, I would not be writing this letter today.

But I can’t guarantee that. So I’m doing the only thing I can. I ‘m personally sharing the secret with a selected group of individuals, yourself included. In doing so, I will instantly create a new group of multi-millionaires. And in exchange for granting you such profound wealth, I will expect your loyalty in return.

Better Part of Something Than All of Nothing.

Let’s face it, I’m in no hurry to bring others into the circle to share the 100 billion dollars each year. However, If I can quietly teach 47 allies the secret I know, 47 allies loyal to my faction, we will become a cartel so powerful that we can dictate our terms thus assuring a lion share of the 100 billion dollar annually for decades into the future.

You no doubt thinking others within the 400 could be doing the same thing  at this very moment thus further diluting everyone’s share of the 100 billion right . . . WRONG! The entire 400 have the ability to share in the 100 billion yet I alone am empowered to bring others into the fold.

I alone can show you how to become on of the 400. I alone can give you a seat at our exchange. I alone can make you a permanent, vested, member of this powerful financial illuminati. I alone can make you one of the wealthiest individuals in America.

Honor is Nothing Without Victory

If you do not share the secret with a few allies, all will be lost. But I am walking a very dangerous path in sharing this with you today. All but a few of the 400 may move against me for taking this action today as they could see my act as a betrayal. But that is their greed thinking for them. True, my actions will make you very wealthy and secure my personal wealth. Yet our new alliance will make the entire 400 stronger. Our alliance will increase the 100 billion dollars annually and become the driven force assuring all our billions for decades.

No Better Friends, No Worse Enemies

Loyalty and honor have been the code of the 400 for decades. It is no coincidence that we have used the same moniker as the Spartan Warriors who defended at Thermopylae. And like the Spartans, it has been our ability to act as a unified unit that has assured our massive wealth for decades.

And now that you are one of us, your wealth is assured.

They say it’s not always what you know but who you know that makes you wealthy. In this instance, it’s a combination of both. Simply knowing our secret makes your immense wealth a certainty. But it’s the alliance that assures your multi-million dollar earnings for decades to come.

Imagine Yourself as One of Us!

Imagine yourself as a fully vested member of the most elite financial cartel in North America. Money is never again a concern as you have an endless supply of unlimited cash. You are debt free, have millions in the bank and every luxury money can buy. You earn an income like your partners within the 400 listed here:

  1. H. in Plantation FL has earned $170,900,000. (170 Million!)
    H. D. in Austin TX has earned $92,087,450
    I. C. In Arcola IL has earned $186,989,920

You are no different than your partners listed here. If you desire 100 Million Dollars, then you simply enact that amount of transactions as described earlier in this letter. Members of the 400 have anything and everything they desire. And if you have any doubt about the earning potential, consider this:

  1. S. in Pompano Beach FL earned $1,497,000,000 last year.
    Yes, 1.5 Billion Dollars A Year!

“Whatever it Takes”

Because you are now one of us, it’s in our best to make certain you succeed. And towards those ends, let me say again, ‘No Better Friends’. I can attest to the fact that we will do everything within our power to guarantee your success. And rest assured, our powers are vast. You will never find more powerful friends. No one can ever assure you immense wealth as I can. We have and we will move heaven and earth to see that you earn millions. And think not for a moment that this is an act of charity. The wealthier and powerful you become, the wealthier and powerful we are as an organization.

Take courage in the fact you are not alone in this endeavor. As you claim your millions, you will do so with the unfettered support of the 400 of the richest individuals in North America. Four Hundred ultra-rich partners fully vested in your financial success.

It Does Not take Money to Make Money! No capital investment is required to start making your millions. No office, no special skills, no employees, no computer required, no special license, just knowing the secret is the sole key to unlocking your millions.

Most of the 400 started at their kitchen table. Many still earn their millions working from home. Starting with less than $100, you can begin earning your millions within 24 hours of receiving our indoctrination package.

Begin Making Millions in 24 hours

There is no time like NOW when it comes to making money. And I remember what it’s like to need money right away. Therefore, as an accommodation in case you need money ASAP, I’ll include a fast start package. This will give you instant access to everything you need to start earning the day you receive your indoctrination package.

In the fast start package, you’ll find a 24 hour, 72 hours, 7 days and 30-day development schematic. Each can be used separate or simultaneous as time is for the essence. No FREE Lunch – We Expect Something in Return

In return for bringing you into our fold and sharing the secret that will instantly make you a multi-millionaire, we will require 3 things of you:

  1. You will be required to swear an Oath of Secrecy affirming you will not reveal
  2. Then you will be required to sign a legally binding Confidentiality Agreement enjoining you from you from revealing any of our proprietary ides, trade secrets, membership rosters or financial positions.
  3. Finally, you will be required to swear and sign an Oath of Loyalty to our faction within the 400. An Oath of Loyalty is a legally binding warrant to guard against behavior like advocating fundamental change in the organization or spreading dissent within the organization. It also requires that you share certain proprietary business information that you gather with other members within our faction when called upon to do so.Fortune Favors the Bold. Each of the 400 who came before you took that brave step and claimed their wealth. You can call them fortunate but they made their own good fortune through their own bold actions. Now it’s time for you to take that bold action. The only person in the world who can stop you now from having everything you desire is you.Fortune favors the bold. Take that bold action and become a part of something larger than yourself. Stake your claim on a portion of the 100 billion dollars to be divided each and every year among this select group. Write your financial destiny in one bold act.

Are you worthy? I need to ask and have answered these questions today.

Can you be discreet?

Carefully Review and sign or initial where indicated
For Hard Copy mail this entire page

Return this fully Executed Documents with your $99.00 Deposit made Payable to: Dr. Laurence Galant

OATH OF SECRECY: By ordering this product “I do swear in the name of God/solely affirm that I will not directly communicate or reveal to any person any matter which shall be brought under my consideration or shall become known to me as a member of the 400 except as may be required for the due discharge of my duties as such.

By ordering this product it acts as my initials here: Initial for Hard Copy Here _______

CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT: It is understood and agree to that THE 400 may provide certain information that is and must be kept confidential. To insure the protection of such information, and to preserve any confidentiality necessary under patent and/or trade secret laws, it is agreed that 1. The Confidential Information to be disclosed can be described as and includes: p[proprietary ideas, trade secrets, membership rosters or financial position, regardless of whether such information is designated as “Confidential Information” at the time of its disclosure. 2. The Recipient agrees not to disclose the confidential information obtained from the 400 to anyone unless required to do so by law. WEREFORE, the parties acknowledge that they have read and understood this agreement and voluntarily accept the duties and obligations set forth herein.

By ordering this product it acts as signing and dating this agreement. For Hard Copy Sign and Date here ________________________________________________________________________

LOYALTY OATH: I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support those within THE 400 who have graciously invited me into the group. I will not knowingly cause dissent, disagreements, difference of opinion, arguments or dispute within the organization. And I will share proprietary business information that I gather as a result of our ongoing business with other members within the faction when called upon to do so understanding that they will do the same for me.

By ordering this product it acts as signing and dating this agreement. For Hard Copy Sign and Date here ________________________________________________________________________

Order this product ONLINE with a $79 NO refunds for digital products.

For a Hard Copy the cost is $99.

If you do not experience the immediate success described, simply return your indoctrination package for an immediate and complete return of your entire deposit. If for any reason you ever decide to cease participation in the program, simply return your indoctrination package for a complete and immediate return of your entire deposit.

Hard copy Issued to:

Your Name _____________________________________________________________________________

City __________________________________________________________ State _______ Zip__________

Your Email _____________________________________________________________________________

If Applicable

I, __________________________________________________, having read and signed the above attachments, do hereby accept your invitation to join the 400. Please send my indoctrination manual which will provide me with everything I need to start earning millions immediately. I understand that my $99 deposit is required which is 100% refundable in the amount that I decide not to participate for any reason at any time. Sign and return this formal invitation to:

Dr. Laurence Galant, 12077 Colony preserve Drive, Boynton Beach, FL 33436 Make check or money orders payable to: Dr. Laurence Galant