Superstitions Die Hard

superstition is any belief or practice based upon one’s trust in luck or other irrational, unscientific, or supernatural forces. Often, it arises from ignorance, a misunderstanding of science or causality, a belief in fate or magic, or “fear” of that which is unknown.

Beliefs are devises by which we are all self-enslave. Beliefs are just that beliefs! Neither thousands of years in time nor billions of believers make them true.

Long practices does not transform error into truth. Truth does not require belief.  We do not use the word believe in setting forth what we know.

Example: For thousands of years’ humans believed that the earth was flat and millions of people continue to live with this belief – false though it was.

Neither time nor millions of believers flattened the earth. Truth is not something that is verified by popular vote.

Acknowledged superstitions of today were “science” of yesteryears. And, much of today’s “science” will be found to be superstitious foolishness and madness in the years to come.

However, many superstitions, erroneous and misleading beliefs persist among us today, even among the educated and/or “scientific” communities.

The drug superstition and misleading information has been with us for over 2500 years.  The belief in medicinal substances and “cures” is even older.

However, the truth exists today that could save the whole human race from the swamp of diseases and suffering.  Even today, the “educated” and the “ignorant” alike reject these truths, clinging steadfastly to the present traditional superstitions.

Instead of being moved to learn and practice the simple ways of health, they proceed as if health is automatic, no matter what we do and that disease is accidental, something that has overwhelmed us unfairly; a bit of unfortunate bad luck.

Our general population does not seem to realize that health is normal and is assured to those who indulge its causes (Healthful Living) and that disease is abnormal and is bound to happen if we indulge its causes.


It is critical for you to learn the Truth In Health
and how you can take care of yourself. 

ONCE AGAIN, The right to our own lives, bodies and health is being challenged at this very moment. It is urgent that you learn how to care for yourself so you won’t be a victim of any new “system” of fad that come along. You may find it very enlightening to realize that germs, viruses, and other microorganisms do not cause diseases. It is an ignorant and dangerous myth that the pharmaceutical companies keep alive to exploit you and your children, YOUR FAMILY AND YOUR FRIENDS.

Vaccines are an attempt for the pharmaceutical Industry and NOW also the government to control you through your blood stream. If anybody tells you differently, they are either ignorant and uneducated or they are corrupted and not telling the truth!

Are people ever going to WAKE UP?

Actually some of us are awake because of research, studying, learning understanding and applying the information that we now teach in our health program, instead of following the crowd through the medical assembly line.

Unfortunately most of you are in the waking sleep or unconsciously awake and like sheep follow each other to the slaughter – house (medical assembly line). Don’t believe me, just look around you, there are tents (medical assembly line) in every parking lot.

It is necessary that you study, understand, and practice the Truth In Health way of living. There is more to life than food. Too many people think they will be Herculean merely because they changed their eating habits, and when they do, they are content with the half-way route, rationalizing that other people have lived to be 95 or105 eating haphazardly. They fail to see that these “other people” had different environments, different habits of emotions, a different genetic structure, and different life paradigms. “Most long-lived individuals do not perceive life as a stressful thing”.

Remember that there is not only one cause that kills us most of the time, but multiple, enervating habits, factors and influences that do us in. If we understand this we will begin to search for all causes of disease, doom and death in our lives and cast each one out as it were Poison Personified. It takes practice perseverance, faith in our living organism and in a higher being, to live correctly.

It is an intimidating task in this environment of instant gratification and self-indulgent living. You will be different. You will be different because of an inner knowledge that you can live in harmony with the way you are build.

Therefore, take responsibility for your own health. You will be rewarded with magnificent health not often found in the modern world. It is important to know without question, and from experience, that poisonous vaccines do not prevent disease and destructive drugs cannot ‘cure” disease. The body alone heals self, and you alone can cause it to do so.

And you also would be glad to know that the “HEALTH INACCURACY IN LIFE” article was written  July 20, 1999. Nothing has changed in the world today January 2022. In fact things are getting worse because people follow with blind obedience without taking responsibility and doing their own research to learn the truth instead of following the crowd through the medical assembly line.


Those who do not know the truth form a body of stagnant minds that brings about human degeneration. Progress demands that the truth be recognized and observed.

Truth has never come from the masses. It has come from one or a few who were willing to be excluded or suffer for their steadfast devotion to it. The masses ever remain fixed in the ruts their forebearers have fashioned. They remain so until an army of dissenters, revolutionists and brave men and women gradually move them off dead center.

To think and act constructively is man’s highest function. To remain contented in the ruts of accepted thinking is a herd characteristic that will leave humanity mired in the miseries of its errors.

Humankind is presently being engulfed in suffering because of unawareness of life’s sterling truths. Once you have the glimmer of truth it is your duty to invest it in your life and to make it known to those around you in inoffensive and un-obnoxious ways. You should help spread truth with every resource at your command. Do what you can.

The current system for keeping us healthy doesn’t work!

We challenge that the present conventional health and medical system is entirely false. That it is untrue in philosophy, absurd in science, in opposition to natural principles, contrary to common sense, destructive in results and a curse to humanity.

Don’t believe me, it is now January 2022, look around you, most everyone is wearing a mask, everyone is keeping a distance of at least 6′, and everyone is being told to stay home. 

WAKE UP AMERICA, you’re being manipulated and controlled by a craft that need people to be sick to make a profit! Open your eyes and be in the present. Or you can check below! 

See The Differences Between the Germ Theory, the Terrain Theory.

Please feel free to quote me on that, as the world needs to wake up to this fact before real change can begin to happen. America and the world is NOT a healthy country. Just look at what is going on today, (Coronavirus 2020, and the swine flu pandemic 2009, and, the West African Ebola virus epidemic February 2014, The Spanish flu was an unusually deadly influenza pandemic. Lasting from January 1918 to December 1920,) this could only happen when people are not healthy.

America and the world was unhealthy long before this coronavirus event. Just research it for your self, google it. And go to: Is America a Healthy Country.

For something new including the understanding of “real true health” to come in, to be allowed into the world of consciousness, they have to go through a process of three stages.

  1. First it is laughed at it as being ridiculous.
    2. Then it is passionately opposed as being completely wrong and denied any suggestion of improper conduct.
    3. Then it is finally accepted as self-evident.

Here is a bit of History:

A bit of history that cannot be changed. In 1530 Copernicus released his theory that the earth goes around the sun.

In 1543, Nicolaus Copernicus detailed his radical theory of the Universe in which the Earth, along with the other planets, rotated around the Sun.

His theory took more than a century to become widely accepted. Nicolaus Copernicus was a Renaissance polymath, active as a mathematician, astronomer, and Catholic canon, (a member of the clergy who is on the staff of a cathedral, especially one who is a member of the chapter. The position is frequently conferred as an honorary one) who formulated a model of the universe that placed the Sun rather than Earth at its center.

In all likelihood, Copernicus developed his model independently of Aristarchus of Samos, an ancient Greek astronomer who had formulated such a model some eighteen centuries earlier.)

Stage 1 – He was laughed at – Here is what people were saying: “don’t be stupid people were saying, “see it moves up there in the sky”! No need to take this seriously! (People’s ego always ridicule or make fun, of what they can’t conceive.) Also, it was generally rejected by the ancient philosophers for three main reasons: If the Earth is rotating about its axis, and orbiting around the Sun, then the Earth must be in motion. However, we cannot “feel” this motion. Nor does this motion give rise to any obvious observational consequences.

In 1616 Galileo ( ) was forced by the inquisition to abandon his support of Copernicus’s theory that the earth goes around the sun. Then in 1633 he stood trial for heresy (free thinking) against the Catholic Church. – “for holding as true the false doctrine taught by some that the sun is the center of the world” – He was imprisoned! And they made the books containing Copernicus’s theory illegal!

Stage 2 – It was passionately opposed – Let’s force him to take that back! It goes against what we currently KNOW to be true and we must not allow what we currently known to be true to be challenged. Or else we may have to change our thinking. (People’s egos are frightened by what they don’t know, so they are scared and try to hold on to what is wrong.)

Opposition to the theory of the earth revolving around the sun was finally dropped in 1758 but it wasn’t until 1992 that the Catholic Church agreed it was wrong, and then finally actually apologized in 2000.

Stage 3 – Obvious the fact is Self-Evident. At some point between 1758 and 1992 was accepted as, “well, obviously, everyone knows that the Earth goes around the sun. (Now everyone can see it’s real, people can accept it and support it as the herd be agreed it) But it took the entire herd 470 years to accept that it is real!

People are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals and we know it, fifteen hundred years ago everybody knew the earth was the center of the universe. Five hundred years ago, everybody knew the earth was flat, and a few minutes from now, you will know. The current system for keeping us healthy doesn’t work! Imagine what you’ll know tomorrow.