Let me ask you this…
If you knew the “Secrets” that will” CURE”


And Many Others…

Wouldn’t you want to tell the world RIGHT NOW?

Of course you would…anyone would!

However, in spite of all the great advances in many branches of science, we are still in a period of prehistory, and Dark Age in our thinking about health, disease and healing.

Is America a Healthy Country? You decide!

* 1 out of 2 Americans will die of heart disease.

* 1 out of 3 Americans will die of Cancer.

* The third cause of death following heart disease and cancer is medical errors.

* Diabetes is on the rise and catching up with heart disease and cancer.

* 70% are overweight yet, nearly all are malnourished in one way or another despite gross overeating.

* More than 51 percent suffer from at least one chronic disease.

* Over 100,000,000 will spend some time in a hospital each year!

* Over 50% of Americans suffer from chronic digestive disorders.

* Over 200,000.00 yearly will die from the so-called side effects or adverse reactions to drugs which are perfumed language for “poison effects.”

* Almost every baby born in America has already been drugged before birth, either by physicians or by drugs in the mother’s blood stream when she is drugged (which is often!)

* There are about 55,000,000 insomniacs in America.

* An estimated 100,000,000 Americans suffer high blood pressure. And blood pressure is on the rise.

* Over 35,000,000 Americans suffer from “mental illness.”

* There are over 95 percent sugar addicts in America.

* 46.5 million Adults with diagnosed arthritis. The worst part is that they have become an accepted part of society because of having existed for so long.

* Over 200,000,000 Americans are hooked on one or more drug habits!

I have more shocking news for you: by the time you go to bed tonight, about 400 or more normal, “healthy” people will do exactly what their doctors tell them to do… and then die.

And that’s not all…

Thousands more will not die, but they will suffer — just because they followed their doctor’s orders.

And that’s still not all …

Millions more people — maybe even you — will spend every single day suffering needlessly with anxiety, depression, insomnia, headaches, fatigue, stomach problems, sexual dysfunction and many other kind of discomfort. All with the full knowledge and helpless acceptance of their doctors. And, all because they think they’re being helped.

There you have it! America is NOT a healthy country

I could go on with a seemingly endless resume of such statistics, but why do so? The National Center for Health Statistics of the U.S. Public Health Service publishes volumes that reflect the widespread pathology of Americans. Almost daily we see such statistics published in newspapers, magazines and periodicals. I trust that you’re convinced that good health in America is a myth that matters are in a terrible state and getting worse. “The conventional medical system is entirely false. That it is untrue in philosophy, absurd in science, in opposition to natural principles, contrary to common sense, disastrous in results and a curse to humanity”.

I trust that you will undertake to do something constructive about the situation. Fortunately, you can protect yourself and your loved ones. You can learn the truth about Health. You can discover safe, natural “health Secrets” all available now in the most complete health system ever published called the “Super Health Inner Circle Coaching” program (SHICC). I want to rush a copy of the first monthly subscription of this life-saving program to you to use for 30 days FREE of any risk.

But first I must alert and Warn you:

The “Natural Health Secrets” you’re about to experience is not for the weak of heart. The information presented throughout the pages may shock, or even offend you because you’ve been lie to. You’ve been told half-truths, part-truths, no-truths, and outright lies. You’ve been trained to think and believe in a certain way, and I can prove it scientifically!

That, my friend, is how 99.9% of the population is controlled! “Get them to think and believe that they have no power to control they situations and circumstances in life”!… And, Millions of dollars are spent to keep these secrets from you!

The powers that Be have made fortunes from what you don’t know … Well, not anymore!

The members of this program, myself included, (and I created and developed it) We like you to know that we are incredibly serious about helping you achieve real dynamic health and a life changing income, and we won’t let anything or anyone stand in our way. You also must not Let Yourself Get in The Way of Achieving Your Own Success! A choice, and choice is the problem and the solution.

If you want things in your life to change, you must change things in your life…especially you must change the way you THINK! Also a choice!

This Is How Your Walk The walk!

I am sure many of you have heard the story of a young man during the gold rush. After mining away at a Colorado gold mine for many months, he finally quit. He sold all of his machinery and equipment to a “junk man” who sought counsel prior to resuming digging. His engineer advised him that gold would be found just 3 feet from where the previous miner had stopped.

I know many of you have tried to be HEALTHY and make money in the past with every kind of opportunity that came down the pipeline, and you tried to do all the things they told you to do…. I know you might not have made the money you desired, but I know you did learn something as you joined each one.

I want you all to think about this…you are no different than that gold miner.  You see each business you joined was similar to what the gold miner did.  I know for sure as I picture him with that pick and shovel it had to be much, much harder than sitting at a computer.

Yet it is very similar to your story…. you have gone through the school of hard knocks.


We will never forget 2020….what a year it was.  Not sure what our future holds, but for sure know WHO holds it.  To HIM/HER I give all the glory.  Now I pray that you do all you can to prepare for your future.

“Health” will be the perfect safe-haven in times of uncertainty and while most people think that everything is wonderful in the world today, you and I know that just isn’t the case. We are still in the dark ages in our thinking when it comes to health and diseases.

Call it fate, or blame it on luck, if you want, but DON’T call it an, “accident” because there’s an undeniable reason that you’re right here right now… Because this is the health program that you were never meant to see… the same health program that was never meant to be created.

The natural health program that just wasn’t part of the plan… yet here it is – along with you, and a selected few others, who are joining it.

Even though only a selected few will join this program, only about .005% (half of 1%) will qualify to get what we’re going to give you in this health program.

It really is time that “WE THE PEOPLE COME TOGETHER” and help each other by banning together…not only here in the US, but all around the world. We do not need to depend on any government to take care of us, we need to assure our families we will not need to depend on anybody but ourselves. 

Testimonial: I joined the SHWIC one month ago, and so glad I finally found one that WORKS. A. H. Long Island, New York

FOR ALL OF YOU WHO WANT TO BE HEALTHY.  You see I see the FUTURE that YOU are getting for you.

You have to get serious about your future…we are seeing people from all over the world join us on this SHWIC journey.  Join us TODAY!!! 
America Cannot Afford The Path We’re On! STAND UP AND BE COUNTED! 

Dare to be Bold: Dare to stand alone: Dare to have a purpose clear: Dare to make it known If within you resides a small amount of courage, you’ll rededicate yourself to be a modern brave person. And you need not stand alone!  Mutually we can create thousand, and even millions of others with the same qualities and character. In you I’m sure is the spark of courage that will impel you to learn what is right for yourself and, with conviction and determination, to do what you must do.

You will set as your goal personal excellence in all matters.  You will strive to help your fellow beings open their eyes to the encouragement of the “Truth in Health” so that they too may lead their lives in the way of righteousness. 

As a modern brave person you will not yield to injurious temptation and importunity.  You will set an example for your fellow being.  You will become a living testimonial to the joy of living life on the plane our biological heritage decrees.

Dare you to be brave? Do you dare to stand alone if need be? Do you have a purpose clear? Do you dare to make it known?

Become part of our “Inner Circle” in all that this implies.  You’ll grow in courage and dare to master yourself.  And you’ll win from your fellow beings the respect that being a brave person deserves. “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall, for anything”! 
Will You Stand with Us? Join the... “Super Health Inner Circle Coaching and Apprenticeship System. However, there are two types of people: Those who will freeze & just HOPE things will get better. And those that will gain new skills and take the action needed to THRIVE. Go below and ask yourself… WHICH TYPE WILL YOU BE?

Here is what you get:

Lesson 1 – Introduction to HEALTHOLOGY as a way of life. Lesson 2 – The nature and purpose of disease Lesson 3 – Introducing the HEALTHOLOGY System for perfect health, Lesson 4 – Program for perfect health, Lesson 5 – Introduction to Nutritional Science (Vegan Nutrition) Lesson 6 – The immense wisdom and providence of the body Lesson 7 – Carbohydrates: fuel for the human body Lesson 8 – Proteins in the diet Lesson 9 – Vitamins: the metabolic wizard of life pro­cesses Lesson 10 – The role of minerals in human nutrition Lesson 11 – Fats in the diet Lesson 12 – The role of acid and alkaline substances within the body.  Complete the Sign Up form below with YOUR information Choose Your option and order (SHICC) program Choose your option (We can also do PayPal) [email protected] Make Check or money order Payable to: Dr. Laurence Galant, 12077 Colony Preserve Drive, Boynton Beach, FL 33436, PH 561-498-2675
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