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Margaret Cantwell

How 2 Feudin’ Frenchman discovered — and then buried the hidden cause of disease…


Warning signs that you’re too acidic include:

Unhealthy blood pressure, Breathing problems, Weight gain, joint pain, Low energy, Brain fog, Poor sleep

Keep reading to discover the simple, safe and sane way to go from acidic to alkaline — so you can feel BETTER, faster than ever!

Dear friend,

Did you ever think the scientist who’s famous for “pasteurized” milk – may also be responsible for your stiff joints… fuzzy thinking… poor circulation… and low energy?

I sure didn’t – until I read about the “Feudin’ Frenchmen”!

Let me tell you about these fellas…

Antoine Bechamp and Louis PasteurYou’ve probably heard of Louis Pasteur, right? He’s the scientist credited with discovering how germs can make you sick.

Because of Pasteur and his “germ theory” – an entire industry of pharmaceutical drugs emerged – with the purpose of killing germs before they kill us.

But have you heard of Antoine Bechamp? My guess is probably not.

He was also a French scientist – and a bitter rival of Pasteur. While the scientific community was hailing Pasteur’s “germ theory” as a medical breakthrough…

Bechamp had the guts and the scientific proof to say Hogwash!

It’s no wonder these Feudin’ Frenchmen caused a ruckus in the scientific community. That’s because Bechamp discovered it’s not the germ – but the terrain – or the body’s environment that really makes you sick.

He boldly claimed that germs are just chemical by-products that affect an unbalanced, malfunctioning body.

In other words… If your body is too acidic – it provides the right terrain for germs and diseases to grow. But if your body is more alkaline – you can virtually yank out the welcome mat – and fight off any germ that tries to attack.

These two extremely diverse approaches caused a major uproar among scientists at the turn of the 20th century.

If you followed Pasteur – you attacked the germ. If you believed in Bechamp’s approach – you nurtured the body.

To put an end to the feud – the medical establishment decided to endorse only one of these approaches. And let me say this…

It doesn’t take a rocket scientists to figure out who they backed. Ka‑ching! They went for the big bucks!

Pasteur’s theory came with an astronomical payoff. If germs cause diseases – then create and PATENT drugs to kill germs! More germs. More patented drugs.

MORE MOOLAH for drug companies, hospitals and scientists! It’s no wonder Pasteur became known as the “Father of Pharmaceutical Drugs”!

Bechamp’s approach – on the other hand – had no significant, financial value. Keeping the body in healthy acid-alkaline balance meant eating healthy foods… managing stress… exercising… all NON-patentable remedies. NO MOOLAH!

With no drugs to patent – Bechamp’s breakthrough research and discovery was actually ridiculed!

My name is Virginia Tims-Lawson, founder of Peak Pure & Natural® – and let me tell you this: I for one, am glad Bechamp didn’t roll over and play dead.

He continued with his research – despite the ridicule and attempts to bury his discovery – by the medical establishment.

And he became a trail blazer to several well-known scientists who later built on his discovery.

Modern-day scientists like…

  • Nobel Prize-winning Dr. Linus Pauling, who announced to the world – some 70 years later…
Dr. Linus Pauling

“You can trace EVERY sickness… and EVERY ailment to a mineral deficiency”

  • Dr. William Howard Hay, whose groundbreaking book, A New Health Era, concluded with…
Dr. William Howard Hay

“All disease is caused by auto-toxication (self-poisoning) due to acid accumulation in the body.”

  • Dr. Theodore A. Baroody, author of Alkalize or Die, who shook the scientific community with proof that…
Dr. Theodore A. Baroody

“The countless names of illnesses do not really matter. What does matter is that they all come from the same root cause: Too much acid in the body!”

These doctors – and many others – confirmed this simple, scientific fact that can save your health – and your life…

When your body is too acidic – you’re a “sitting duck” for illness!

But when your body is in a slightly alkaline state – you can help prevent and even conquer just about any health problem including:

  • Joint stiffness!
  • Weak heart!
  • Poor digestion!
  • Sore muscles!
  • Blood sugar imbalances!
  • Poor circulation!
  • Sluggish immunity!
  • Premature aging!
  • Skin outbreaks!
  • Premature wrinkles!

Turns out – your pH balance – is the amazing KEY to health…

The letters “pH” stand for “potential of hydrogen” and it’s measured on a scale of 0 (100% acidic) to 14 (100% alkaline).

A healthy person with perfectly balanced pH has a reading of about 7.4 in the blood and 7.0 in tissues. So how do you keep your body in pH balance?

A pH of 7 is neutral…

pH Level

A low pH reading of less than 7 means you’re too acidic. That can lead to health problems!

A high pH reading of 7.1 to 7.5 means your body is more alkaline. That’s your goal for healthy living!

Well, the truth is after birth – the odds are against you…

At birth, your body’s pH is balanced – leaning a little on the alkaline side. That’s a model of perfect metabolic health.

Then each of your 100 trillion cells got busy making new cells to replace damaged or old cells. This process causes cells to burn nutrients as fuel. The remnants from the fuel burning is a highly acidic ash.

If your body doesn’t eliminate this acidic ash regularly – it builds up in your cells. If it’s in your bone cells – you experience stiffness and aches. In heart cells – it makes it harder to pump blood. In blood cells – it prevents nutrients from getting to all your organs.

This acid waste builds up and shifts your natural pH balance from healthy alkaline to an unhealthy acid level. And to add insult to injury…

You’re bombarded by acid!

bombarded by acidIt’s not just your cells that produce acid waste – your body gets attacked daily by…

  • Air pollution
  • Acid rain
  • Pesticides and chemicals
  • Prescription drugs
  • Carpets and upholstery
  • Food additives
  • Tap water
  • Emotional and physical stress

When your body is acidic – all heck breaks loose!

That acid build-up wreaks havoc in your entire body. Sure, your doctor may call it “this disease” or “that disease” – but no matter what it’s called – it’s triggered by too much acid!

Bone loss!

  • If your body is too acidic – your bones are a number #1 target. To restore pH balance your body turns to its natural alkaline storehouses – your lungs, kidneys and skin in an effort to neutralize acids. But…
    …if those storehouses are overworked or empty – then your body snatches up the calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium that was meant for your bones! The result?

    Bone-on-bone” scraping that leads to inflammation and bone erosion! Bone loss… joint pain… and even that dreaded “hump”!

And women are in even more danger…

…a 7-year study from the University of California printed in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported that women with chronic acid overload are at greater risk for bone loss than those with normal pH levels!

Too much acid can…

Clogged arteries!

  • Eat away at the lining of your arteries! When you’ve got rips and tears in your blood vessels – your body sends the signal to create more cholesterol to form plaque and fill those holes! Next thing you know – you’re dealing with narrowed arteries full of plaque that causes poor circulation!

American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine

  • Trigger breathing problems! Research published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicineuncovered a surprising warning sign of an impending asthma attack: High acid levels!

    Dr. Benjamin Gaston and his research team found that right before a bronchial attack begins – acid levels in the lungs shot up as much as 1,000-fold! The researchers concluded the high acid level contributed to inflammation in the bronchial airways – which then triggered the attack!

  • Drain mental and physical energy! According to blockbuster book, “The Chemistry of Success” – high acid levels can limit your oxygen uptake. You know what you need oxygen for right? EVERYTHING! So acid overload can choke the life out your cells – leaving you with mental fuzziness… unexplainable fatigue… weak muscles… low sex drive… and premature skin wrinkles – just to name a few!

Journal of Diabetes Care

  • Attack pancreas, lungs and liver – and wreak havoc with your blood sugar levels! Now, I will tell you this: when I read this study from the Journal of Diabetes Care– it really made my blood boil. Here’s why:
    You and I drink water every day, because it’s good for you. Well, maybe not! If that water you’re drinking is mostly ordinary tap water – you’re actually drinking “acid water”!
    That’s right – the water you’re drinking to help keep the fluids in your body in pH balance… is actually working AGAINST you – making you even more acidic! And get this…

    Norwegian researcher Dr. Lars C. Stene, discovered that people with high acidity from drinking tap water were FOUR TIMES more likely to develop glucose and insulin problems!

Enough already! I’ll tell you – that was the LAST straw!

There’s no doubt about it: The odds are stacked against you and me! The key to healthy living is keeping your body more alkaline than acidic. It really is that simple.

But you’re getting bombarded with acid but few people do the ONE thing that can help get you back to an alkaline balance…

Time Magazine reports 90% of Americans are deficient in this ONE alkaline-boosting savior…

You’ve known fruits and vegetables are good for you since you were a kid. But are you eating them every day?

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends eating at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. That’s because fruits and vegetables not only contain powerful antioxidants and nutrients for healthy living…

…they also help keep your body alkaline!

But a recent study from the Center for Disease Control reports that 90% of Americans don’t come close to reaching that 5-a-day goal. In fact… on average, Americans eat just one serving of fruit and 1.7 servings of vegetables a day!

But even if you’re the 1 out of 10 who eats 5 servings of fruits and veggies a day… you’ve got to eat the right ones

The shocking truth about fruits and vegetables! (They’re NOT all alkalizing) Some are downright acid-forming in your body!

Sure – eating cranberries, plums, peas, corn, olives, or squash contain healthy nutrients – but don’t expect them to help keep your body alkaline.

These fruits and veggies – and many more – leave an acid ash in your cells creating even more acid overload in your body. It’s not just about eating fruits and vegetables – it’s eating the RIGHT alkalizing ones that boost your health!

But honestly – who’s got time to figure all that out?

doctorsLike I said earlier, the study from the CDC shows most Americans are barely eating any fruits and vegetables let alone have time to figure out which fruits and veggies are alkalizing ones that promote high speed healing. That leaves all of us, ripe for a health disaster…

That’s why I knew I had to do something to give me, my family, and YOU a fighting chance to tip the scale back to alkaline – and clobber health problems! How do you do that?

Well, my research team and I got to work. We took the scientific studies. We scrutinized the research. We narrowed down the key nutrients that are absolutely essential for getting – and keeping your body – in optimal pH balance.

All to create a formula with one crystal-clear focus:

Give your body the optimal alkalizing nutrients you need to maintain healthy pH balance – and feel like a million bucks again!

And let me tell you, boy oh boy did we succeed! That’s why I want to introduce to you Peak Organic Alkalizing Greens – available exclusively from Peak Pure & Natural®.

First of all, to call Peak Organic Alkalizing Greens a “superfood” drink would be a gross injustice! Why? Because delivering superfoods is just icing on the cake!

Peak Organic Alkalizing Greens is all about getting your body in optimal alkaline balance! So, you better believe you’re getting targeted and powerful superfoods and super nutrients to get and keep your body in healthy pH balance. Because remember this:

pH balance = Health!

That’s why you get a great-tasting, greens drink – rich in alkalizing, fermented green foods, vegetables and spices, plus probiotics and prebiotic fiber for optimal gut health! What’s more…

Peak Organic Alkalizing Greens is 100% organic! That’s right – the nutrients in this remarkable formula are certified organic.

Let me tell you this: Finding a high quality and truly alkalizing formula is already like searching for a needle in a haystack. So, can you imagine how tough it is to also find a high quality, alkalizing formula that’s 100% certified organic?

You have better odds winning the lottery! At least, until now.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry – or spend any more time looking – because you get it all in Peak Organic Alkalizing Greens!

Acid overload has been associated with:

  • Immune deficiency
  • Free radical damage
  • Premature aging
  • Joint pain and stiffness
  • Weak, brittle bones
  • Hip fractures and bone spurs
  • Muscle aches
  • Low energy

Even a slightly acid tissue pH can result in:

  • Cold hands and feet
  • Headaches
  • Allergies
  • Acne
  • Bloating
  • Rapid breathing
  • Panic attacks
  • Irritability
  • Low sex drive

Peak Organic Alkalizing Greens contains organic, alkalizing nutrients including fruits, vegetables, greens, fiber, antioxidants and spices – all formulated to help you get in pH balance – and keep you healthy!

Peak Organic Alkalizing Greens tastes great, mixes well and is simple to take with no mess.

It’s peace of mind in a jar!

Carl C., Maple Grove, MN


Gives me peace of mind!

“In this hurry-up world many times we don’t have time to eat a really nutritious salad so taking alkalizing greens helps me in that regard — a heaping spoon in a smoothie or glass of water & out the door. Knowing that I’ve got my daily helping of veggies. I’m able to maintain a level of energy that lasts for the better part of the day. Thank you so much.”

— Carl C., Maple Grove, MN

Rebecca P., N. Price George, VA


Good flavor!

“This is great added to smoothies, but good by itself when there is no time to make smoothies. Good flavor, staying healthy, will buy again.”

— Rebecca P., N. Price George, VA

Helen K., Hillsboro, OR


Delicious and energizing!

“A delicious blend of healthy alkalizing ingredients for optimum health. Very energizing! Will order more.”

— Helen K., Hillsboro, OR

Purity. Potency. Quality. Safety!

Knowing the ingredients in Peak Organic Alkalizing Greens are 100% certified organic really takes a load off your mind. Because the truth is: There’s a lot of crappy formulas making all sorts of promises to improve your health. But…

…If they’re using poor quality nutrients from untrusted and unverifiable sources – and giving you puny doses… they simply can’t deliver the goods – no matter what they claim!

So that means you waste your time… spend your hard-earned money… and even put your health on the line. And for what?

Nothing! You won’t get the results you want. You won’t FEEL better. That’s not acceptable!

But now you have Peak Organic Alkalizing Greens! Especially if you want a:

  • Simple-to-take
  • Great tasting
  • Nutrient-based
  • Pure, organic formula
  • Specifically designed to alkalize your body for healthy living…

Q. Why are the foods in Peak Organic Alkalizing Greens fermented?

A. Certain foods, like cereal grasses, may have excellent nutritional value – but they’re very difficult for humans to digest. Fermentation helps to “pre-digest” these complex foods by breaking them down into more readily absorbable amino acids and simpler sugars. That way your body can immediately use the nutrients for optimal health. Peak Organic Alkalizing Greensutilizes the unique FermaPro whole-food fermentation process for optimum digestibility and bio-availability.

Peak Organic Alkalizing Greens™

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…There’s no need to look any further. You need Peak Organic Alkalizing Greens! Here’s what you get in every serving:

High alkaline power!Organic Greens Blend – A powerhouse of alkaline-forming grasses including fermented barley, oat, alfalfa and wheatgrass. Here’s why Peak Organic Alkalizing Greens contains fermented grasses:

Because that’s the optimal way for your body to access tough to digest nutrients like grasses! Fermentation breaks down their cell walls so you can experience their remarkable healing power.

In fact, if you’re taking a green drink that doesn’t use fermentation to pre-digest tough nutrients like grasses – you’re wasting your time and money! Why?

Because they’ll go right through your digestive system UNUSED! You’ll just be pooping out these nutrients – getting no benefits from them. However…

…By pre-digesting these grasses with our unique FermaPro® whole-food fermentation process – the nutrients become bio-available and ready for your body to use and give you the FLOOD of healing benefits you desire! By the way…

…this potent Organic Greens Blend also contains the healing power of chlorella – Nature’s near perfect plant – to help neutralize toxins and energize your cells. Plus – you get spirulina – another “Green Giant” nutrient to boost immune function!

Get ready to say, “Dang! I FEEL good!”Organic fruit & vegetable blends – remember not all fruits and vegetables are alkalizing! But the fruits and veggies found in our special blend all deliver a healthy alkaline ash in your cells. And that’s good!

It’s also why you feel more energy… think sharper… and just plain ole FEEL good – when you rev up your alkaline levels!

And if you don’t get a chance to eat healthy fruits and veggies like kale, carrot, parsley, broccoli, spinach, apple, blueberry and black currant every day – don’t worry – they’re all in every serving of Peak Organic Alkalizing Greens!

Poop like clockwork!Organic fiber blend – for a boost in intestinal health! Did you ever think the reason you “can’t go?’ is because your pH balance is out of whack? Surprised? But it’s true.

A healthy pH in your colon varies from 5.5 and 7. That means it should be slightly alkaline to neutral for optimum performance. But most foods we eat are acid forming. So your colon struggles to eliminate all that excess acid! It needs help PRONTO!

Now you’ve got that help! Peak Organic Alkalizing Greens includes key nutrients that encourage and support digestive and intestinal health. One of these nutrients is called inulin. This powerhouse fiber helps keep intestines in healthy pH balance… gives you healthy bowel movements… and even snatches up rogue cholesterol in your digestive tract!

Fights premature skin wrinkles!Organic Antioxidant and Alkalizing Spice Blend – to clobber free radicals that prematurely age your cells… drain your energy… and wreak havoc with your circulation!

I absolutely wanted to make sure that Peak Organic Alkalizing Greens contains this special propriety formula called VitaKelp™ – for these “off the charts” benefits…

…this highly nutritious edible seaweed helps circulation… supports your heart… keeps skin youthful… helps maintain blood sugar – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

The levels of minerals found in VitaKelp exceed all other superfoods! Plus, VitaKelp is a natural source of bioavailable iodine. So you can also help protect your thyroid… create more energy on demand… and keep your brain sharp as a tack with this potent sea vegetable!

Here’s why I don’t make my kids eat their spinach anymore…

You know spinach is good for you. One reason is because it contains powerful antioxidants – like beta carotene – to fight free radical damage. But did you know…

…chlorella contains a whopping six times MORE antioxidant protection to fight off:

  • Fuzzy thinking!
  • Poor circulation!
  • Muscle aches!
  • Premature aging!
  • Energy drain!
  • Sleepless nights!

So if you – or your kids – aren’t big fans of spinach – don’t worry!

You get the power of chlorella – containing 6 times more free radical fighting beta carotene than spinach – in every serving of Peak Organic Alkalizing Greens!

Easily digestible – even for my daughter’s sensitive stomach!Enzyme and Probiotic Blend – specifically formulated to support digestive health! My daughter has a very sensitive stomach. In fact, she couldn’t tolerate most of the green drinks that we tried from other manufacturers. They just upset her stomach… gave her gas… and made her feel bloated.

So I had to make sure we created a formula that she could take every day and enjoy drinking. If you’ve got a sensitive tummy – then Peak Organic Alkalizing Greens is for you. Here’s why:

You get key nutrients that encourage and support digestive health. These include powerful enzymes to help break down proteins, fats and carbohydrates so you can digest these foods without stomach upsets. What’s more you get potent prebiotics AND probiotics to balance your intestinal flora and boost your immune function!

Yes – you get all that in every serving of Peak Organic Alkalizing Greens! Oh and one more thing…

…no pills to swallow!

cup and scoopDon’t you feel like you take enough pills a day? I sure do. So the last thing I want to add is another pill to my daily routine. That’s why Peak Organic Alkalizing Greens comes in an easy-to-take – and tasty – powdered drink!

Just add a scoopful of Peak Organic Alkalizing Greens to water, stir and enjoy! It tastes so refreshing that I actually look forward to drinking it every morning. It’s a real treat!

You’re going to love it too – especially when you SEE and FEEL how wonderful an alkalized body works! Sharper thinking… better blood circulation… age-defying skin… and more ENERGY!

So now you know how to clobber acid overload and experience genuine alkaline healing. There’s just one thing to do…

Try Peak Organic Alkalizing Greens! It’s easy. It’s tasty. And it works so well. You’re simply going to love how you feel. But the best way to know is to sample this formula for yourself.

And I’m going to make sure you don’t risk a red cent when you try this amazing green drink…

Blessed regularity… more energy… less pain… reduced food cravings!

You’re going to love how GOOD an alkalized body feels!

It’s easy! It’s tasty! And works so well!

Thomas L., White Bird, ID


Best health product around!

“I believe this is the best health product anyone has come up with and a best food. This should also be a baby food. Another company has been getting most of my health dollars, but Peak Organic Alkalizing Greens puts you on my health map. I plan to order more soon.”

— Thomas L., White Bird, ID

Ardith W., Jacksons Gap, AL


Everything you need to feel great!

“I love the organic ingredients, the balanced combination of what is needed to feel great. Very satisfied.”

— Ardith W., Jacksons Gap, AL

Gloria D., The Villages, FL


Gives me more energy!

“I don’t eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, so this way I know I’m getting everything I need from Peak Organic Alkalizing Greens. I really like how it tastes. I take it every day (sometimes twice a day). It gives me more energy. Great product! Don’t stop making it.”

— Gloria D., The Villages, FL

21 little-known signs your body is out of pH balance…

Your body is trying to tell you if you’re out of pH balance – are you listening?

  • Sleepless nights
  • Headaches
  • Low energy
  • Frequent sighing
  • Water retention
  • Blood pressure concerns
  • Foul-smelling stool
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Bumps on the tongue
  • Fatigue
  • Low body temperature
  • Blue moods
  • Frequent infections
  • Teary eyes
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Digestive problems
  • Dry skin
  • Brittle nails
  • Hives
  • Leg cramps
  • Body odor

Peak Organic Alkalizing Greens is specially formulated with alkalizing fruits, vegetables, spices and nutrients to help you reduce acid overload. Try Peak Organic Alkalizing Greens – and SEE how good you’ll FEEL!

Peak Organic Alkalizing Greens™

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The absolutely best way to SEE how great you’ll FEEL – is to try Peak Organic Alkalizing Greens. You’re going to simply be amazed at the BOOST of energy you get in the mornings – and that energy LASTS all day long! It’s just wonderful!

I want you to feel that good too – and I don’t want you to waste another day feeling drained – or even OLD – because of acid overload! So, here are two more big reasons why this may be the best time ever to experience the benefits of Peak Organic Alkalizing Greens for yourself…

Reason #1

100% No-Risk, LIFETIME Money‑Back Guarantee:

Put Peak Organic Alkalizing Greens to the test! You must SEE your body go from acidic to alkaline – and FEEL the amazing difference – or you PAY NOTHING!

How do you do that? You can simply test your saliva before starting Peak Organic Alkalizing Greens – and then test again a few weeks or months later! No rush – here’s why:

You are completely protected by this 100% No-Risk Guarantee for as long as you use Peak Organic Alkalizing Greens! Yes – it’s a Lifetime Guarantee – no ridiculous deadlines to worry about!

Give this amazing formula a fair chance to do its job. FEEL the difference – and SEE the health benefits of an alkaline body! Take Peak Organic Alkalizing Greens for as long as you want.

If for any reason you’re not completely thrilled with your results – just return any unopened, open or empty canisters – and you get a full, 100% refund of your original purchase price! And let me just say this:

When you have a 95.8% customer satisfaction rate – it’s easy to make this outstanding offer! That’s because a 95.8% satisfaction means for every 100 orders of Peak Organic Alkalizing Greens sold, about 4 are returned by customers. That means…

Folks who try <strong>Peak Organic Alkalizing Greens (TM) really LOVE it!…Folks who try Peak Organic Alkalizing Greens – really LOVE it! They don’t want to ever be without it! And neither will you. That’s my promise to you!

But if – for any reason – you are not as convinced as I am that Peak Organic Alkalizing Greens is energizing… alkalizing… and fighting off a host of health problems for you… you’ll get a full, no questions asked refund of your purchase price! Even if you’re down to your last scoopful!

Reason #2

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Dale H., Ocala, FL


So far, so good

“I am currently taking Peak Organic Alkalizing Greens. So far I can say it seems to be doing what I hoped!”

— Dale H., Ocala, FL

Alan C., Portland, OR


I’m sold, It really works!

“I had been taking a greens mix of another brand but could not say it ever helped me. I really wanted something to bring my pH up out of the acid zone and when your Greens said it was Alkalizing, I thought I’d give it a try but didn’t expect it to be any different. Boy was I surprised when it raised my pH up after the first day! That sold me that it really works!”

— Alan C., Portland, OR

Robert A., Painted Post, NY


Great products!

“Can’t say I suddenly feel better — but I know that my health is better, and will continue to be. I believe your products are some of the best out there. Your prices are competitive and many times better. Keep up the good work.”

— Robert A., Painted Post, NY

Just one cup gets you revved up!

Just one cup gets you Revved up!

Taking Peak Organic Alkalizing Greens is as easy as 1…2 – well, that’s it!

  • Add to 8 ounces of water (or juice) and stir.

    Now enjoy this tasty drink – and reap the healing benefits of a high alkaline body! It’s that easy!

Peak Organic Alkalizing Greens™

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The absolute EASIEST decision you can make today!

You have absolutely NOTHING to lose when you give Peak Organic Alkalizing Greens a try. You’ve got my 100% GUARANTEE on that!

Please remember – Your RESULTS are GUARANTEED! You get as long as you need to experience a noticeable and significant improvement in your health — or you PAY NOTHING no questions asked!  You’re covered by our lifetime money back guarantee.  So you’ve got absolutely NOTHING to lose — and a wealth of health is just waiting for you — Click Here to try this amazing formula today!


Either way, you’re going to soon experience the power of alkaline health – with more vim, vigor and pep in your step!

Yours for energized days and a long, healthy, alkaline life,

Virginia Tims-LawsonVirginia Tims-Lawson
Founder, Peak Pure & Natural®

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Peak Organic Alkalizing Greens
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[✓] YES! Give me the alkalizing nutrients to clobber acid overload – and ENERGIZE my body! Please rush me my order of Peak Organic Alkalizing Greens™! I know I am fully protected by your 100% LIFETIME Guarantee. If for any reason – or any time – I’m not completely thrilled with my results – I can cancel and receive a full refund!


*FREE US shipping on orders of 3 or more. Canadian orders incur $14.95 S&H. International orders incur $24.95 S&H.

Anthony Z., Manchester, NH


Makes me feel good all over!

“I recently starting using Peak Organic Alkalizing Greens in the A.M. daily. I feel so energized after a glass of this product. I feel good allover. I used to take a similar product from another company, but it doesn’t measure up to your green product. I will use it forever. Keep up the good work, great products!”

— Anthony Z., Manchester, NH

Lloyd K., Ben Salem, PA


People say I look good!

“I love Peak Organic Alkalizing Greens and will continue to reorder. I feel better and people say, ‘I look good!’ So, I am a happy customer.”

— Lloyd K., Ben Salem, PA

Cathy H., Jacksonville, FL


Blessed pain relief!

“I am so pleased with Peak Organic Alkalizing Greens. Since I have been taking them I have experienced relief from the joint pain in my hands and back. Alkalizing Greens surely are a blessing — and they taste good, too!”

— Cathy H., Jacksonville, FL

R.F.H., Bellcair, FL


Finally sleeping through the night!

“It seems that this product has improved my sleep! Finally after all these years, I am sleeping through the night — thank you!”

— R.F.H., Bellcair, FL

Imogene A., Brighton, CO


Reinvigorated my energy!

“I love the morning miracle, Peak Organic Alkalizing Greens. The canister goes a long way. I feel so much better after taking it for almost 2 months. I had no energy now I feel like doing so much more.”

— Imogene A., Brighton, CO

Peak Organic Alkalizing Greens™

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