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Introduction to the Course and Its Portents


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This introduction speaks on the abuses in our society that enslave our people to the medical bondage of disease and suffering. This introduction is an attempt to inhibit any tendency you might have towards thinking of yourself as a “god” or almighty authority. Its message is that you should be humbled not arrogant.




On the Value of Home-Study Relative to Traditional Teaching Modes

Why a new lesson specializing in Healthology and the science of life as applied to human health?

Quoting from “Is America a Healthy Country/Careers in Health, (available upon request) “America is a sick country! Nearly 99% of its inhabitants suffer in some manner. Yet our medical fraternity (into whose laps we must lay a great deal of the responsibility for this tragedy) has the temerity to boast that America is the best fed and healthiest nation in the world.”

Dr. Herbert M. Shelton, in an article titled “The Great Awakener” calls for “a new breed of health professional.” Robert Mendelsohn, M.D., in his recent book. Confessions of a Medical Heretic, believes that the greatest danger to your health is your own physician. Modern medicine’s methods, says Dr. Mendelsohn, are not effective and in many instances are more dangerous than the diseases they are supposed to treat.

The times do seem to desperately call for an alternative, a choice, a new breed of health professional. To train personnel to fill this need is the aim of the Healthology Institute. We realize that true education should be an ongoing process throughout the lifetime of the individual and that guided home study has incomparable value in opening new doors to those seeking a better field of work and a nobler way of life. Therefore, we at Healthology Institute are happy to present this home-study course in human life.

In a world that changes as rapidly as ours, adults must keep learning new skills and knowledge or they will be run over and left behind, thrown on the scrapheap of life by the juggernaut of change. If we set aside for the moment the seemingly unsolvable problem of possible atomic suicide by the human race and other deadly problems in the world today, the major immediate problem of most people is the economic problem.

Some or many of you may face a lifetime burden of sustaining the barest necessities of life and cannot afford resident studies to improve yourself and your situation. In our society, everything comes down to a matter of money – in other words, it takes money to sustain yourself money in exchange for the necessities (food, clothing and shelter) that are required regardless of what you do. These are usually obtained with money gained as a result of rendering service. Specialized training that directs you toward a well-defined and properly prepared-for goal can help resolve your economic problems by enabling you to render a useful service to humanity. Thus, preparing yourself for the role of “Life Scientist” can put you in the vanguard of one of the most vital services to humanity. Life Science represents an ideal way of life – happy, healthy and successful.

Although this course does not presume to be the means or the sole answer for solving all your economic problems, it does prepare you to take a most useful and important place in this great Healthology/Life Science movement for a better and healthier world. In a “new world,” many of our present-day economic distresses, caused by our conditioned belief that certain things are absolutely necessary for “the good life, ” will cease to be, because many of the “programmed necessities” of life will be found to be unnecessary in an Healthology world

Home-study training is especially useful for the vast, ever-growing reservoir of the world’s millions who, because of personal or economic conditions or lack of proximity to nearby educational facilities, cannot pursue resident study. The fact is that some of the best training available today is offered by home-study schools and colleges. America, and indeed Western civilization itself, has now reached a crossroads in its educational systems. If it is to make further progress toward a universal educational system, America must give full recognition to the tremendous value of home-study schools and colleges that provide continuing adult education. Life Scientists recognize that every sincere, genuine effort that favors home-study helps lift the pall of ignorance. Organized home-study has come of age and should now take its rightful place alongside resident study in the growing, ongoing evolution toward a universal system of education.

As a member and a student, you have a responsibility both to yourself and to the school or college you affiliate with. Like resident courses, even the best home-study course is worth nothing if you do not apply yourself diligently to it. As a sincere student with a great thirst for true knowledge and learning about human health and related subjects, you should have no trouble applying yourself to this study of Healthology.

If you are a newcomer to Healthology, the revelations to come in future lessons may at first seem quite astounding. To prepare the way for these astounding revelations to come, you must first understand the difference between true learning and false! That is the main theme of this introduction.

Since there is always something new to be learned and never time enough in one lifetime to learn more than a fraction of the available knowledge, we can never consider ourselves as “finished products,” as some professionals like to think of themselves. If we are wise, we will admit that we are always students of life and its mysteries and that we can never have all the answers. Therefore, we should never stop inquiry and purposeful seeking.

Thus, as an ever-learning student of Healthology and as part of an ever-widening web of like-minded members/students, you can learn from each other. Thus, as an ongoing and ever-growing student of life, you will be strengthened and reminded not to succumb to the syndrome of “professionally superiority” – of the assumption of being a “professionally finished” product. An assumption or concept of superiority is stultifying to the further growth of the mind. As a student of this course, you should learn the wisdom of practicing a sharing outlook toward your fellow students and toward humanity in general.

Self-sufficiency in health matters should be the goal of individuals and professionals. Of course, nobody can ever be completely self-sufficient under all circumstances. Accidents, injuries, reptile or insect bites can render anyone helpless or unconscious. They would thus need aid. Is knowledge and practice of first aid in. accidents, wounds, burns, etc.· to continue to be the exclusive prerogative of one group only? Let’s hope not! A later lesson of this course will take up in detail the Healthology care of accident victims, burn victims, reptile and insect poisonings, etc. Healthology care works with the life force within, whereas many methods of emergency care today are admitted by some of the highest medical practitioners to bring about, in many cases, conditions worse than those originally experienced.

Truth is always universal and thus belongs to everyone. It is not the exclusive property of any authority, professional or group. Thus, truth is the “cause for being” of this course. You, the student, must be charged, not for the knowledge, which is already your birthright, but for the expenses involved in producing, printing, distributing and administrating this course.

Let us examine the subject of everyone’s right to· know. This brings into focus the arrogance of professionalism. By misrepresenting specialized data as being beyond our grasp – by assuming an aura of authority that relegates non-colleagues to the status of “who are you” with the plain implication of ignorance, incompetence and charlatanism – by attempting to make information relatively inaccessible and actually fabricating irrelevant and erroneous concepts, professionals in many areas, especially in the health field, have monopolized and enslaved their brethren for their aggrandizement; In the name of dispelling quackery they have foisted quackery upon us!

Despite science-fiction stories and movies depicting mad professors transplanting “brains” from one helpless victim to another, such transplants cannot be done. But, taken to its ultimate absurd conclusion, isn’t that what orthodox education – the orthodox professionals, attempt to do? Do they not try to transplant their “brains” in others by insisting upon the acceptance of their authority? Don’t they try to create a reverence in people for their authority, and· consign skeptics who penetrate their “veil of immunity” to a special kind of hell?

To deny people the truth is W deny them the benefits truth confers. To try to quash thoughtful consideration in favor of rote acceptance perpetuates old errors and their baneful consequences.

This way of teaching stifles or “locks in” the pupils’ individual capacity for self-thought and self-action. Where authoritarianism has the power to enforce itself, it stultifies the minds of students and those whom it touches as well. Nowhere is this the case more evident than on the health scene.

When you emasculate yourself of your ability to think independently, you become a slave to the mortifying past. The bright hope of progress dims under acceptance and conformity to authoritarian pronouncements. By home learning from study materials unfettered by the authoritarianism of professionals, you can teach yourself to think and discern the truth for yourself, so that you may better bring it to others. By gaining your own insights, you become a true teacher for those whom you serve.

Healthologist, studying the amazingly intelligent manifestations of life’s powers, are brought to the realization that the only real professional – the ultimate authority – is the momentous power and wisdom within us all. The professional within, charges but little for its services. It merely requires that we honor its natural dignity, that we observe the laws by which it lives, and that we dutifully supply its modest needs. In the face of the awesome faculty within, of its colossal wisdom and its all-encompassing providence, who can presume to set themselves up on a superior plane to their fellow beings?

Thus, in preparing this course, we do not presume to say “we are going to teach you.’ Rather we say: “come, let us study life and its mysteries together as fellow students, scholars and sojourners ever seeking more light! Our studies together will enable us all to grow toward becoming improved persons and to pass along the Life Science message of total well-being. Hopefully, the growing body of Hygienic disciples will help swing the balance to the human forces, thus thwarting the arrogant interests that threaten to destroy life on this planet!

Upon completion of this course, you will have prepared yourself as one of a new breed of Hygienic exponents capable of inspiring and motivating others toward a Hygienic way of life. All we can hope to do is try to “activate” those who come within our individual spheres of influence. If you, as a student of Healthology, aspire to the role of Life Science instructor, you should come to realize, as this course progresses, that, as one of the new breed of Healthologist teachers, you cannot and should not presume or try to do the thinking for those whom you serve. Freedom of thought is to be encouraged. The mind can only expand in awareness in an atmosphere of free exchange.

Even though knowledge is universal, and no one can, in reality, do another’s thinking, we feel it is wise, for those who properly prepare themselves, to become “missionaries” in behalf of this salubrious way of life. Life Science professionals, whose aura of Hygienic light attracts others, should charge clients reasonable and conscionable fees for their services – for their role in liberating and activating clients’ minds.

You will be a true pioneer as a Life Scientist/ Healthology. You’ll be treading on little-traveled ground. You must proceed carefully as you journey out of the wilderness of authoritarian error and obfuscation into the sunlit meadows of truth! You must seek the correct paths in your role as a Life Science/ Healthology professional to be of greatest help to those whom you will serve. You must master techniques to excite, activate, arouse or otherwise animate the mental capacities of those whom you serve.

We will know a great deal more about the powers of innate faculties in the future. What we can observe now suggests that the inner powers of mind seem to thrive best when involved in seeking goals and fulfilling inborn desires. Thus you will try to arouse client interest in goals to which he or she has already given some thought. Arousing your clients’ mental powers should, according to the law of use, strengthen their ability to think and should -dispose them to their best interests.

Well-being of self is a powerful incentive for arousing client motivation! In order to reprogram the mind, true education must sow the right seeds of self-interest. The benefits of the education must be strongly portrayed. Most people will have suffered sufficiently to be painfully aware of the disadvantages wrought by a wrong attitude and life style.

As a Life Scientist/ Healthologist, you can render better service to clients by giving considerate sympathetic attention to their problems. Your being a patient listener will help the client feel appreciated. Your assurances that the client’s problem will soon be solved will give confidence in your offices. Being a good listener and giving your assurance creates a favorable atmosphere for the interchange of thoughts. In other words, when you tune in to the other person’s point of view and yearnings, you are more able to serve him or her constructively.

As a Life Science/ Healthologist tutor, you’ll guide those who seek your help to better well-being by pursuing the interests they have already manifested. Catering to the basic underlying desires that motivate your client is essential to redirecting him or her onto a course that builds superb sickness-free health. Your role is a guiding and supportive one. In the final analysis, it is the seeker (client) who must do his or her thinking.

Among the foremost desires of people is that of being loved and appreciated. Your empathy and sincere desire to help will be instrumental in converting the client to the rational mode of life that builds well-being. Personal well-being, self-esteem, the desire to love and be loved, the wish for friendship and other incentives can easily be invoked by a sympathetic audience interspersed with a few well-placed remarks. Normal human aspirations can be inspired in your client by instilling in him or her, an image of greatly improved health – of being better able to realize goals when having more energy and improved faculties.

As a new breed of Healthologist professional, you can make the alliance between the seeker and yourself on a sharing student-to-student basis. You can make the client’s seeking an adventure in which you both participate. You should not try to establish an authoritarian relationship where you are master and the client a puppet – you should not try to lord your expertise over the weak client. Thus, on this one-on-one relationship, the “more-advanced” student helps the “lesser advanced” student develop new and better thoughts and practices. Such an approach is most unlike most professionalism that generates an air of paternal or maternal indulgence. This attitude tends to foster dependence on the professional, because the client is usually not encouraged to participate actively in the educating process. Your clients will thus be able to grow stronger and see more light when you take a sharing approach and thus invite active participation.

A mind must think for itself. No idea has so great an effect as the one that the client has. Suggesting key ideas or limited supportive suggestions, that the client can identify as his or her own, generates and augments the will to excel. You will have performed a salutary service by helping to create self-directed drives in your client that reassert his or her fundamental dignity and responsibility. This mode of education is contrary to our present “educational system” that stifles individuality and results in mass-conditioning with robot-like obeisance to prevailing authoritarian dicta.

Some additional self-starters or prime activators which “trigger” self-reliance are as follows. Each of us is the agent of our own growth. Growth is constructive change, and each of us is the cause of change in our lives. All an instructor, teacher, tutor or guide can do is supply some of the raw materials – the means, the “activating switches” or connections needed to “turn on” the individual’s mind powers and nurture individual thought and expression. External tools··or resources for inspiring mental growth are: good- books, magazines, films, great inspirational music, etc. Among the vital intangible motivators are: the natural urge to know; true affection and romance; and reviewing to oneself material studied (this is unlike the dull rote repetition to a teacher or professor.)

Choosing and enthusiastically pursuing a definite goal, as you have begun to do in undertaking this course to become a qualified health professional, can be a powerful motivator. This new advanced home-study course in health, geared to true learning, will excite your own thinking. Unlike the methods of orthodoxy which glorify the professional and assign the student a rather passive role, the Life Science curriculum demands your involvement. Active self-directed participation in the learning process develops many viewpoints, concepts and conclusions which you will arrive at independently. Your personal strength will increase along with the magnitude of your self-development.

The Life Science/ Healthology curriculum provides new and startling insights to arouse and encourage the student to think. Self-directed studies develop mental independence, not mental dependence! Only independent thinkers have the courage of their convictions and the ability to implement them. Enough visionaries and thinkers can cause the changes necessary for a Hygienic world. Life Scientists of today, and of the future, must become the vehicles for peaceful change to a better world. They must have a driving compulsion or urge to get things ready, to lay the proper foundation so that something better w;:1 happen – so that the well-being of our peoples becomes foremost consideration of our society.

What do we, as Healthologist initiators of change, have to do to succeed? For starters, we must get enough like-minded people to affiliate in an ever-growing network of Healthology students and scholars. Surely, one of the most valuable steps in this direction is the Healthology Institute

After a century and a half of Spartan struggle against awesome odds, Healthology now has the possibility of victory. But the time for personal sacrifice is not over yet. In the ever-growing body of Healthology students, there will be both Healthology purists and Healthology realists. Each group must make some compromises and meet on common grounds of pure conviction. The Hygienic principles enunciated by our pioneers must be observed. If Healthologist students lock arms and attribute to each other the loftiest motives – if they show sincere appreciation for every sincere effort toward affecting a Healthology/Hygienic world, the enemies of Healthology will be routed. The result will be the facilitation of the Healthology/Hygienic world now aborning.

As a student in Healthology, make no mistake – this is an awesomely powerful and complex movement. You are aligned with truth, the greatest power there is. With the advent of the home-study college, Healthology is really on the march! For the good of humanity, it must be aided and encouraged. Evidence is mounting that “Hygienic energy” is increasing. Healthology literature is growing richer each year. The Healthology Institute determination to triumph is growing stronger by the day. It is no longer a question of whether we will have a Hygienic world, but how soon!

Those growing numbers of us already blessed with having seen the “Hygienic light” must try to arouse others to join in this noble struggle and add their minds, energies and resources to the Hygienic movement. Newcomers and new converts to this great movement should study their Hygienic “roots” in our rich Hygienic history. They will learn that the Hygienic pioneers were mostly people of great courage, nobility of thought, seekers after truth and unflinching defenders of the truth they found. They possessed admirable character. Healthologist/Hygienists of today who will carry forward this rich Hygienic heritage should strive for no less themselves.

With the ever-growing worldwide network of Hygienic scholars, a central hub like this new Healthology College can become the focus of Healthology endeavors. The College can become a rallying point for unifying all to better direct their energies to achieve specific national objectives.

One of the major themes of this Healthology course of instruction is admiration for life and its conditions. Commercial interests that are indifferent to life and health threaten to overwhelm life on this earth. Ours is the task of rescuing humanity from the destruction being fashioned upon it by these blind interests. Healthology contains the philosophy of the ages concerning life, health, nutrition, etc. The invincible force engendered by a worldwide web of Healthology scholars, students and practitioners all working together toward the goal of a Hygienic world, is unstoppable. If we set our goals and maintain our impetus, we will prevail!

Healthologist must not allow their mental powers to become stifled. We must remain alert to the mind-arousing truths that make life worthwhile. Healthologist/Life Scientists must go among those around them and observe, inspire and motivate them to adopt healthful living.

Mind is naturally creative. It is ever-thinking. It builds upon its predominant impressions. Thus, our personal environment is largely the result of our predominant mental attitudes. The world without is a reflection of our world within. No individual can express powers he or she doesn’t possess. However, all possess great power and wisdom within. Before we can control our external conditions and affairs of life, we must achieve mastery over our own thoughts and powers. Mind and life should be unceasing in growth.

There is a wealth of mind power within each of us which is called the subconscious mind. Like all ultimate forces, this world of thought force and power within is invisible; it is the great force in our lives. We humans have a limited control of the great power within because these faculties

are mostly beneath the level of awareness. We, as conscious beings, can utilize this mighty power for positive benefits. Thus happiness, success, etc. depend in the final analysis upon our thinking-upon how and what we think and how we act. Achievements are caused by what has been aroused in ourselves.

Mental accord is necessary for efficient application of ourselves. Thus, as a student aspiring to great mental power and ‘prodigious productivity, you must get in harmony (in tune) with your innate intelligence, with natural principles, and especially with the great law of cause and effect: For every effect there must have been a cause. In essence, every cause is an effect and every effect is, in turn, a cause. Every effect corresponds to the sum total of its causes. But Life is the ultimate cause behind the great barrier of effects.

Home-study requires that you rely on our own thinking, not that of professionals. This is the right road to true education. If you think independently and control your own thinking, you can arouse your inner powers to create an expanding, healthier and happier existence.

When you begin to think and act· in proper relation to the great law of cause and effect, your life and conditions must change for the better. Unlike other self-help courses, this course will steadfastly follow the road of cause and effect toward the pedestal of human perfection. The course endeavors to consciously· direct activities that produce human excellence.

Mind is the moving cause! Orthodox education reverses this and declares that intelligence is but the effect of forcing “knowledge” into it. Mind is not such a passive puppet as that. Mind is the actor. It pulls its own strings. The great Hygienist, Russell Thacker Trail, left a legacy that rings down the ages to us. His great discovery, briefly stated, is: “In the relations between the living and the lifeless, all action is always on the part of the living and never the lifeless.” Orthodox education fails to utilize the magnificent power within, and so this great inner power lies submerged-largely dormant-in a state of potentiality throughout the lifetimes of countless individuals who come and go on this planet.

But Healthology is on the road to the future. Life Science seeks to learn more of life’s powers and how to work with them for the “creation” of a better individual and of a world of better individuals. We at College of Life Science believe this home-study course is the “state-ofthe-art” truth-the very best health information the student can find. Its use for arousing out latent powers to produce health can effect fantastic results in your life. Life Science is the study of life and its conditions. Many of the mysteries of life disappear under intelligent inquiry. With the advent of knowledge and understanding comes the mastery of the conditions that produce blissful well-being.

Healthology Institute can become part of Hygiene’s tomorrow-indeed, of the world’s tomorrow. You can become a prominent part of this wonderful world of tomorrow-you can help build it by applying yourself to Healthology teachings. The 21st Century may well become the century or age of self-study. Overemphasis on control by professionals, and other methods of thinking that have slowed· Hygiene’s progress and enslaved our peoples, will be things of the past.

Dr. Herbert M. Shelton has said: “The Hygienic System belongs to the people, and no gang of professionals should ever be permitted to corner it and claim it as their private property.” Again, he says: “If the public permits the reformers to be brow-beaten and common sense to be flouted, then surely will the keys of knowledge be stolen by the professionals who have a vested interest in sickness, and are made paupers by general health”. The lesson of history shows that authoritarian systems have come and gone, but truth is indestructible and ever rises again. Thus, the principles of Healthology/Hygiene will endure through the ages!

Healthology Institute will award a degree (Ph.D.) in Health and Nutritional Science to those who satisfactorily complete the course. Since society is so “locked in” to a belief that degrees are the ultimate measure of intellect, Life Science health reformers would be greatly hampered, or completely blocked, in their work of getting the true health message to the people without this symbol· of supposed advanced intellect. Thus, the general consensus of Life Science educators is that, for the present, the so-called professional award of orthodox education at the highest level should be conferred on those evincing adequate mastery of the health science curriculum.

However, as a holder of a Healthology/Life Science degree, you’ll be expected to “use” it with the discretion becoming a lifetime scholar, not with the attitude of a “finished product” with extra human powers and authority. “God will not look us over for diplomas or degrees, but for scars incurred in service to humanity” (Hubbard). Some people may question the relative value of Healthology Institute Ph.D. degrees versus a Ph.D. degree from an orthodox institution. As far as the true philosophy and science of health and life are concerned, the Healthology Institute graduate, being grounded in a true health outlook, will be far more deserving of his Ph.D. than orthodox holders of Ph.D.’s and M.D.’s in this field!

When you complete the course and become a Healthologist/Life Scientist, you will know where real knowledge and power lies. You will have no excuse for developing professional’ egomania-an attitude of inflated superiority over those’ less further along than yourself who come within your sphere of influence. You should stop and listen to the great “conscience within” should you find yourself developing a superiority complex. Equipped with an inquiring mind, you’ll be a philosopher in the casual definition of tile word. You’ll have a world view, given a set of values to live by, and seek answers to the basic questions of life.

Humans are more than just passive parts of a great cosmic machine. There is more meaning to our lives than that Human are more than a chance coming together of molecules. Humans transcend the reductionist portrayal. Humans are more than just an integrated collection of molecules. Humans are more than stimulus-response machines. Humans are the actors upon earth. They can shape their own destiny.

Those students desiring further information on the matter of degrees should read “Diplomaism” by David Hapgood and The Sheepskin Psychosis by John Keats.

Healthology Institute comes into existence at one of the most perilous junctures in human history. Never before has the human race had the means to totally destroy itself and all other life on this planet. People have tried to block this “unthinkable horror” out ·of their conscious minds, but ignoring a horrible evil does not make it go away. Our people must be· alerted to the dangers they face today and go back to the crossroads of life. We must take the road of correct living before it is too late! Robert Frost’s great poem, “The Road Not Taken,” comes to mind. One of the purposes of Healthology Institute is to get people out of their vitiating mental rut and to make their lives count for something healthier and happier than so much of the artificiality, materiality and sensuality that pass for the so-called “good life” today.

Many of the anti-life practices, of those living “the good life” are summed up in the Shakespearean play, Macbeth: a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing!” One of the great anti-life forces in ascendency today is human greed. When contemplating the almost universal sickness of greed in the world today, one cannot help but wonder if humankind is not possessed by innate· greed and cruelty. One wonders if the human race, which is more avaricious than other living creatures, is so covetous because of its “intelligence” or because of its perversions of intelligence.

The desire for domination goes hand-in-hand with a know-it-all mentality that leads straight to authoritarianism. Countless so-called “adult” egos attempt to exhibit supremacy over others. Power over others by “professionalism” is one ·way many people express the perverted desire for dominance over others.

The Healthology movement is truly pro-life! Hygiene must continue to grow, for growth means beneficial development. The individual Hygienist must keep growing right along with the movement, because the movement is the composite whole of individual Hygienists. The Hygienic movement needs people to do what has been done before, and to go farther by conceiving and creating what has not yet been done. This creative energy requires tremendous mental growth and expanded involvement. The human mind seems to work best when actively engaged in a definite pursuit or goal. Inquiry, seeking and discovery bring out the best in us. How could this mental growth possibly come about if we let some “professional” attempt the mind’s work for it? Where would the opportunity for real personal mental growth for the student or client be in a situation where the professional or teacher is. Always the one mentally active, while the student is supposed relatively passive? How can there be valid learning where the student is not actively involved?

Self-inquiry is thus seen as the way to mental growth and strength. Therefore, Life Science education, at its highest and best, will be self-study of Hygienic truth with each student doing his own thinking. He or she learns by his or her own efforts rather than being mentally smothered in a box ·of passive silence while the professional recites “knowledge.” Self-study alerts the individual mind to inquiry and finding out for itself.

Professionals see in self-study a threat to their power and security. Therefore, they downgrade, denigrate, discredit and otherwise give “bad press” to the value of home study. A person’s own thinking “creates” more power to think. Thinking is to the mind what exercise is to the muscles! If a person allows someone else to do his thinking for him, not only will the thinking be to his disfavor, but his mind will fail for lack of “exercise” or training. Inquiry is the great exerciser for the mind. It leads the mind to new dimensions of thought and knowledge. We are much more than a receiving set for external “knowledge!” The life (mind) within is the real action. External things and conditions are merely the occasion for the action.

There must necessarily be a big difference between the orthodox professional and the new breed of Life Science Professional. The one contrives for his own ends at the expense of those who are supposed to be served, whereas the other will inspire, motivate and activate those whom he serves to set their own goals. To paraphrase Tilden: “people should contrive to be their own savior, not look to any external, vicarious savior.” A new breed of Hygienic professional will supply the guidelines for clients to take note of in their personal growth.

The professional Healthologist/Life Scientist should steer a judicious course between being totally superfluous and assuming the attitude of an omniscient authoritarian. Thus, real educators will challenge students to work toward their own goals using their own faculties plus the guidelines provided by the educators. The student’s experiences will be firsthand, rather than vicariously obtained from someone else.

Knowledge that enables an individual to manifest more success in life adds to his/her stature and dignity. One of the basic urges of the mind is the urge to know. This mental urge needs to become better harmonized with external forces. The individual must set his own goals, making sure that these goals do not conflict with the greater social good. Within the social context, cooperation is the best way of life. He who helps others ultimately helps himself.

Perhaps the most important part of our world is the human life in it. Human relations must be one of our most vitally important studies! We should study how we can better know and serve our fellow beings rather than how we can better exploit them, as is done in present-day society.

The concepts of cooperation takes into account the needs and goals of each cooperator. Every person is better served when working in harmony for mutual good. Individual aims are better realized by recognizing and adjusting to the aims of others within the cooperative context. This spirit and ethic ~ bring about a higher civilization. One of the aspirations of Life Scientists is to instill the spirit of cooperation in those it reaches.

We need and hope to create a new society of students and scholars who are profound in their application of Natural Hygiene and strongly dedicated to its propagation. You have already taken a first step. I bid you to pursue your role ever more devotedly and diligently to speed the day of world salvation-before matters reach the point of irreversibility!


  1. “Those having torches will pass them along”. (Plato: The Republic)

  2. “I would fling wide the cage of thought, and bid you sing as the Lark God’s airy morning song; up to the gates of Heaven, where you belong.” (Anne W. Doughty)

  3. “Take up the song; forget the epitaph.” (Edna St. Vincent Millay)

  4. Most professionals are non-swimmers, working as lifeguards.” “Professionalism is certifying non-swimmers as lifeguards, and preventing real swimmers from working as lifeguards.” (Thomas Szasz, M.D.)

  5. Paternalism: the moral principle that enjoins a person to give another everything but respect. The doctrine according to which no one is yet ready for freedom and self-determination except the speaker and the group of which he is a member. The foundation of professionalism. (T. Szasz, M.D.)

  6. Medignosis: the doctrine that all human problems are medical diseases curable by appropriate therapeutic intervention, imposed on the patient by force if necessary. The “scientific” successor of pre-Christian and Christian forms of Gnosticism, the dominant religious faith of modern man.” (Thomas Szasz, M.D.)

  7. Bad habits treated as diseases: (Thomas Szasz, M.D.):

  8. Using alcohol badly is called “alcoholism” and is treated with Ant abuse.

  9. Using food badly is called “anorexia nervosa” or “obesity”; the former is treated with electroshock, the latter with amphetamines or intestinal bypass operation.

  10. Using sex badly is called perversion, and is treated with electrodes implanted in the brain, and with sex-change operations.

  11. Using language badly is called “schizophrenia” and is treated with lobotomy.

  12. Therapeutism: The successor to patriotism. The last refuge-or the first, depending on the authority consulted-of scoundrels. The creed that justifies proclaiming undying love for those we hate, and inflicting merciless punishment on them in the name of treating them for diseases whose principal symptoms are their refusal to submit to our domination. (Thomas Szasz)_

  13. “It is not a doctor, a healer, a drug, a formula, a diet chart, some peculiar exercise or bath that man needs. He needs to know what causes his discomfort, and then he can become his own physician, as soon as he proves the truths in his own life. When man learns to know and why he fell, he can lift himself up.”

“The day for healers and saviors should be past. Each man should learn to be his own healer and savior-then civilization can reorganize on a rational basis. So long as it is man’s duty to save the world, the world will not be saved; but when man learns to save himself, without any intermediary, then the world is saved.”

“We need not therapeutics, no remedy; we need knowledge of life. Instead of the professions being a good, they are a curse. The whole world would be better off in a hundred years from now (written in 1917) if they could be blotted out; they cater to man’s appetites and passions; they keep him in ignorance of his best interests; they keep him enslaved to his passions.”

“Nature can take care of herself; and, as man is a part of nature, he can take care of himself if obstructions which have grown up about him are removed. “

(John H. Tilden; “Impaired Health” Pg. 364).

  1. “The truth is we are not needing a doctor at all. We need reconciliation between our subconscious maker and ourselves. The subconscious builds us in the image of our order.” Again: “Our subconscious is not moral or immoral; it belongs to the Great Cosmos, which is systematic, perfect in order, but unmoral.”

“Man makes his own diseases. And he is the one who can bring back health. He and his subconscious alone can cure. Doctors cannot cure.” J. H. Tilden; Toxemia Explained-

  1. “The child-mind shrinks-withdraws-from the awe-inspiring presence of truth, but if it is induced to examine it, familiarity breeds contempt. The ignorant mind is driven away from truth either by a fear inspiring awe or by the contempt that familiarity without our comprehension breeds. The word “truth” is associated with God, infinite, and universe, and is looked upon as beyond the understanding of the finite mind.” (John h. Tilden).

  2. “He, who has many enemies, is much honored.” (Old German saying)_

  3. “The word “philosopher” signifies a lover of wisdom; and as wisdom consists in the practice of the laws of nature, the true philosopher is he who knows these laws and conforms the whole tenor of his conduct to them.”

  4. “The real ‘inner Cause’ of disease is a conflict between the Soul and the personality-our conscious Mind is not in harmony with our Soul and with the great unity of God’s creation. Disease in its ultimate essence, or origin, is not material. Disease is the ultimate result produced in the body, the end product of long and deep acting forces, material treatment if apparently successful is only temporary relief, unless the real cause has been removed. Disease in essence is the result of conflict between Soul and Mind, and will never be eradicated except by spiritual and mental effort.”

(Edward Bach; “Heal Thyself’).

  1. “Despite all the talk about the technological demands of modem society, or the great need of education to enable people to meet these demands, the fact is that most modern work is moronic. It needs almost nothing in training, skill, intelligence, or judgment.

During World War II we found that even the most highly-skilled industrial jobs, jobs that people supposedly had to spend years learning, could be learned from scratch by most people of average intelligence in a few months. Modem work is moronic not by accident, but by design. In Taylor’s book ‘Scientific Management’, his central point, which his followers have stressed to this day, is that nothing should be left to the intelligence and judgment of the worker.

The aim was and is as far as possible to make the worker into a machine, performing over and over again the simplest possible series of movements or operations, always the same way, and exactly as someone else showed him how. The worker did not have to know, and was not encouraged to ask, the meaning of his work, how it fitted into what other people were doing, and for what product, purpose, or outcome. Even his own labor unions encouraged him to think of himself and his work as a commodity, a thing, (John Holt).

  1. “It used to be the “Divine Right of Kings”; now it’s the ‘Divine Right of Experts, (Professionals).” (John Holt) .

. 18. “The Schools, as society wants them to do, make human beings into what economists call “Economic Man”, who lives only by fear and greed. For all their talk about sharing and cooperation, they teach that nobody ever does anything serious or important except to gain a reward or escape a penalty, to grab a carrot or dodge a stick, or gain an advantage over someone else.” (John Holt).


Find Worth in the Difference

~ Margaret Wheatly ~
Think about how we generally have treated information. We’ve know it was important, but we’ve handled in a way that have destroyed many of its life-giving properties. For one thing, we haven’t been interested in newness. We’ve taken disturbance and fluctuations and averaged them together to give us comfortable statistics. Our training has been to look for large numbers, important trends, major variances. We live in a society that believes it can define normal and then judge everything against this factious standard. We struggle to smooth out the differences, conform to standards, measure up. Yet in life, newness can only show up as a difference. If we aren’t looking for differences, we can’t see that anything has changed; consequently, we aren’t able to respond.
Even when we do notice new information, we too often rush in to kill it off. Instead of appreciating the rich possibility that could move us to new levels of understanding, we think we’re wise enough to play an instant Solomon. We don’t want to dwell in confusion. We value quick decisions over wise ones. “Let’s get this over with,” we say. “Let’s just make a decision.”
We aim our efforts dead into solid ground, away from the exploration that would move us toward the light of richer understanding. 
For so long, we’ve been engaged in smoothing things over, rounding things off, keeping the lid on (the metaphors are numerous), that our organizations have literally been dying for information they could feed on, I formation that was different, disconfirming, and filled with enough newness to disturb the system into wise solutions.

~ Margaret Wheatly
~ is a best-selling author of nine books, from the classic Leadership and the New Science in 1992 and Who Do We Choose to Be? Facing Reality, Claiming Leadership, Restoring Sanity in June 2017.
No doubt, the world loves standardization. It is great as it helps in making work easier to measure and grant rewards.
However, there are those parts that are rather killed and discarded simply because they never met the standard.
Consider our standard education system. There is grading. Academic performance becomes the standard to establish whether you are “successful or not”.
Thereby, your soul music is killed. Your artistic hand is maimed. Your rebellious thoughts are jailed. Your wild adventurous spirit is tamed.
What is allowed for the sake of passing exams and clinching that “profession” that both your parents and teachers desire for you is what the schooling system focuses on your grades.
Simply, put, the differences are rejected. Uniformity is honored. Creativity, though touted a lot, is stabbed and maimed.
Can success happen when your soul purpose has been knifed off and sculptured to appear as someone’s else image?
No! What remains won’t be a success. At least, not your success but their success. Though you score highly in their standard, you are just too in your own standard.
This is why it is important to appreciate that you are uniquely different and your success is not what others want it to be. Your success is not their standard. Your success rests in what makes you different from the rest. Seek that success in you! In them you will not find it.
To succeed is simply is to find that difference in you… your own unique individuality… your soul purpose.
To identify your unique individuality, nurture it, grow it, and utilize it in the service of helping others do the same to their own unique individuality is indeed to have succeeded.
You are only a successful caregiver if you help those under your care to discover, nurture, and grow their own unique individuality.


Blind obedience is when people, regardless of whether they believe what they are doing is morally, ethically, or legally right, they just do what they are told… Especially when it comes to their Health!
In all of my 40 years of research and all of my watching and observation of human nature, I would have to say that the most destructive behavior on this earth is easily that of “BLIND OBEDIENCE”.
All the schools thought us and now teach our kids to do it without questions, and it is wrong! Religion teaches us that we must accept it because that’s the way it is. Science says we are experts; therefore, we are right. Doctors say we have trained and therefore we are right as we are the cleverest among you… It’s all BS Think for yourself; “Blind Obedience” is Dangerous.
There is a saying that says that if anyone wants to look after your affairs and circumstances, they usually do it in their own best interest.
Well, this is especially true when it comes to your mind; no-one looks after that as good as you do. And your job is to question each and every one of your ‘beliefs’ and eventually accept the truth that you find.
Don’t accept that I’m telling you the truth. Question that also. Do not blindly follow without questioning any of the ‘beliefs’ you have been brought up with.
The reason you are here now and not living the healthy life of your dreams is that the health system you have been brought up with has not delivered for you… so it is time to think differently.
We are educated from birth to believe with blind obedience schools, teachers, religion, science and doctors without question.
Yet if you watch children, you will see that before we, as adults, beat it out of them with the same dogma that was used on us, they have a natural success ability that adults have lost through lack of use.
And we all know that whatever we don’t us we lose. However, children under the age of eight all are still attached to their natural instinct, so when they are told something, they ask “Why?” However, we, as adults, when we let “beliefs” in without continuing to observe them and check that they are correct, forget this most basic question.
You must start to question what you “believe in the most. You must wakeup from your sleep, you have been in the waking sleep or unconscious awake state since the age of eight. Why you need to do this? Because the truth is the truth; our ‘beliefs’ do not matter as the truth is the truth.
A horrific example of Blind Obedience was what caused Jim Jones to create the 1978 Jonestown massacre, in which more than 900 people committed mass suicide by drinking (the Kool-Aid) a flavored drink mixed with Valium, chloral hydrate, cyanide, and Phenergan. (if any of you don’t know or don’t remember, Google it)
Another horrific example of Blind Obedience was when it caused the death of millions of people in the German prison camps. The German people were asleep (unconscious) when they follow Hitler with blind obedience. And the rest of the world was asleep (as they are now) when thy let Hitler do it.
Blind obedience happens when people are unconscious and are looking for a solution to their problems. Whatever comes along that looks like a solution, the unconscious mind will jump onto. Then so that they don’t have to admit that they are wrong, they force a chemical bond with it so that they follow with blind obedience.
What you need more than anything else is to continually question you “beliefs” and think for yourself.
Make a decision now that you are open and responsive to any new ‘beliefs’ that will support you in getting where you ‘want’ to go and that you are willing to give up anything that limits you in anyway.
We are abundant creatures; we do not like to limited and caged and locked up. Do not give in to caging ‘beliefs.’ The problem is that a ‘belief’ that is wrong, but that you hold to be certainly true, will act like a magnet and will continually pull you in the wrong direction.
Remember that nothing stands still; every thought and ‘belief’ will either take you toward where you want to go, or away from it. Now it’s time to take a look somewhere you don’t ‘want’ to to look

It is not disbelief that is dangerous to our society; it is belief
– George Bernard Shaw
Unfortunately, most Americans today are robot thinkers. This is to say they’re not thinkers at all. When faced with challenges, (problems) they do practically everything but get right down to the real labor of solving them by reflection and logical thinking. They’re likely to rely on “authorities,” “authoritative references or sources” or whatever they’re told in response to their questions.
The thrust of the Super Health Inner Circle/Healthology Institute will be to train you to question everything through deliberative procedures and to think things out in logical steps. We teach you that, in certain areas, most people are wrong about most things most of the time. This is especially true in the field of health.
Ignorance and misconceptions predominate in the health field. This is unfortunate, for attaining health is really simple. Even the animals of fields and forests master health without deliberate thinking. While we teach you the complexities of our sophisticated science, we also teach you to always keep in mind the utter simplicity of it all.
Our biggest task is in de-programming you of all the medical misconceptions that have been imbedded in your intellectual structure. Once you’ve learned our techniques in questioning and reflection, you’ll sense where the truth lies immediately and you’ll be able to understand and explain it quickly and easily.
The mastery of this new way of learning will be gradually as you saturate yourself with the knowledge we teach. You’ll see the techniques evidenced many times as instructions turn misconceptions upside down and, in true Socratic fashion, ask a few devastating but enlightening questions.
In a word, we will teach you to rely upon more creative thinking than upon rote learning. What you usually learn by rote is useless, for it can be retrieved from reference books. The ability to think, however, is priceless!
Our vision is to educate, inform and inspire! Helping You Help Yourself to a Healthier Way of Life.
Believing an “authority” on faith is an attempt to escape from our duty to investigate and get down to the real labor of thinking things out ourselves. Self-reliance must be cultivated; for it is truly only ourselves upon whom we can rely. If we rely on others to do our thinking we become servants to them, for authorities almost always think in their own favor.
Do your own thinking go back to our FREE Reports. See it for yourself again, read it to the end and also check our “Super Health Inner Circle Coaching” program. (the more you keep reading our report the more you feel it would be a waste to let this opportunity slip by).
Not only that, authorities do not agree among themselves – they contradict each other. This is self-evidence they are wrong. Truth is never contradictory to itself.
To appeal to authority and to rely on it as proof for our beliefs and opinions is mental laziness.
Truth makes authority. If truth is there, then authority fails. Either way, reliance upon “authority” is not called for.
“They must find it difficult… those who have taken authority as the truth, rather truth as the authority.” – Gerald Massey.
The Truth in Health…Is a New Beginning, and will help you to END all the misleading and confusion. If you want to stay ahead of the health “game” this information is pure gold!
You don’t know it yet but, at the conclusion of this report, you will feel driven to order and experience all the benefits of our health course. Just complete the application!
If you understand just how valuable a membership in the “Super Health and Wealth INNER CIRCLE Coaching System could be to your life, the less you think about delaying this important purchase).
“What does the average individual know about keeping well? Almost nothing. — The people and their doctors are all in the same boat together with a blind man at the helm. They lack the chart and compass and drift aimlessly on a sea of ignorance and misinformation.”  Dr. Herbert Shelton:
“Nurture your mind with great thoughts, for you will never go any higher than you think.” – Benjamin Disraeli: Was a British statesman and author.
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