Health researchers have estimated that over 50% of Americans suffer digestive disorders, constipation, repeated indigestion or poor digestion. No wonder antacids, and so-called digestive aids are multi-billion dollar sellers. (Antacids Market Size to Grow by USD 712.45 Million| Rising Geriatric Population to Boost Market Growth | 17,000+ Technavio Research Reports)

Resent research shows that well over 100 millions Americans suffer from digestive disease and the estimated total cost in lost work, lost wages, and medical costs is over $50 billion per year. It is also estimated that more then 200,00 working people miss work every day due to different digestion problem. More Americans are hospitalized due to diseases of the digestive tract than from any other disease.

Estimated medical cost $20 billion or more per year. Annual sales of prescription and over-the-counter drugs used for digestive diseases is approximately 22.5 billion per year and growing at a rate of 10% plus per year.

This digestive problem also denies them needed nourishment and contributes toxic elements that causes headaches, backaches, colds, pneumonia, asthma, arthritis, sinusitis, acne, and a long list of other pathologies.

These people just don’t know what foods to eat and how to properly combine them for better health and easy digestion and rely on Tagamet, antacids and so called digestive aids without relief. It really is a question of what you eat and what your body assimilates.

Don’t let acidity rob your food of its value! Excess acidity in your stomach ferments your food so it does you very little good; instead it causes the excruciating pain of indigestion. Right now, before the trouble gets a grip on you, discover simple, natural solutions that will enable you to overcome most indigestion problems within 24 hours.

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