So, Now Let Me Ask You…

Have you ever thought to yourself: “I’m just never going to be healthy” If so, you and I are kindred spirits. 45 years ago I spent my first few years So frustrated. So disheartened. So paralyzed with fear. So down on myself feeling defeated. So torn inside, saying to myself – do I give up or keep going?

Yes, At times I got angry. At times I got sad. at times I felt worse and even sicker. At times I wanted to cry… And sometimes I did. Here’s the thing. It’s okay to cry and want to give up. Because succeeding in getting healthy from where you are sometimes is HARD! We call it a healing crisis!

However, The key to achieving that success is to NEVER actually give up. If you need to cry, that’s cool. Use it to take you further.

Let me ask you something else… Do you ever feel strong on the outside but weak like that on the inside?

I get it. The journey to health and freedom from diseases will chew you up and spit you out many times over. But today, I feel called to tell you this. You cannot, not get healthy. You cannot, not get ridiculously healthy. You cannot, not get mastery.

Here’s what I mean… If you’ll just keep doing the work, keep learning, and keep investing in yourself, you’ll get good. You can’t not. It’s like playing an instrument. You might suck as bad as I do – I can’t even play one song. But I think you’ll agree with me on this… Assuming you had an instrument mentor who was a master… If you were to practice an hour or two every day for the next year, you’d get pretty good.

If you continued practicing an hour or two a day for two or three years, you’d get ridiculously good. If you continued practicing an hour or two a day for five to ten years, you’d get mastery. We all know that’s the case with a skill like playing the that instrument. But many somehow think it’s different with a skill like learning to be healthy that can also earn you a fortune and create the lifestyle of your dreams.

It’s no different. You just have to keep putting in the time! You just need two things:

1.) A mentor who is a master.
2.) To practice every day.

Everyone can have #1 easily – but not everyone is willing to do #2. The secret is to get out there and actually practice. Go do it. As I said, getting good at something takes time. But it also takes reps. You can’t avoid the work and expect to get good. But in order to practice more in YOUR HEALTH and to learn more, you need a strategy for learning the truth.

And this is where mastering your health strategy comes in. If you want to get instant access to a “MONTHLY” Natural Health Course that is true and 100% effective, click the link below now:

However, there are two types of people: Those who will freeze & just HOPE things will get better. And those that will gain new skills and take the action needed to THRIVE. Go to the link below and ask yourself… WHICH TYPE WILL YOU BE?



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