Dr Galant

Dr. Galant was born on April 7 1942. The above photo was taken May 2022 at age 80. Dr. Laurence Galant is the administrator  and Created of the Super Health Inner Circle Coaching” Program (SHICC). He is also the founder of The Health and Nutritional Guidance Center, the Galant Group Seminars and the Advance Hypnotherapy Center, he is a Board Certified Medical Clinical Hypnotherapist, Practitioner of “Neuro Linguistic” Programming (NLP) with a doctorate degree in Health and Nutritional Science from the America College of Health Science in Austin, TX in 1984. He is also a lifetime member of the International Association of Counselors and Therapists (IACT), and a member of The National Association of Certified Hypnotherapist and The National Council for Medical and Clinical Hypnotherapy (NCMCH). And above all a Truth In Health Researcher.

He is a dynamic leader whose self improvement seminars have shown thousands the way to successful lives. Dr. Galant developed his special methods and procedures from “Psycho-neuro-Immunology” (the healing power of the mind) and self-hypnosis, visualization, relaxation exercises, various combination of behavior modification, positive reinforcement and Neuro-Linguistics NLP (a way of quickly and effectively controlling your nervous system to produce change). Dr. Galant has been able to help people help themselves to overcome fears and phobias, trauma, depression, anxiety, stress, stop smoking, lose weight, build confidence and develop lasting relationships, usually with people who have been in therapy for years. “He is a highly Credentialed Hypnotherapist and Nutritionist you can trust.”

When you join the program, Dr. Galant health lessons is an effective non-threatening procedures to help you create as quickly as possible the changes you desire in your life. You will learn techniques that will help you to tap and use the other 99.9% of your mind. So easy, so safe, so simple its like pushing buttons. Because the healing power of the mind over the body is limitless. For more information and your  FREE health book Click HERE

Dr. Galant started in 1980 his work has been cited in Your Health Magazine, Opportunity Magazine, The Home Reporter, Free-Enterprise Magazine, The Staten Island Advance and many more, including many radio programs.

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