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Learn what it takes to live a healthier lifestyle when you take this comprehensive online Health and Nutrition course, which is designed to cover the digestive system, nutrients, energy, metabolism, diets, and more.

Health and Nutrition for Beginners Course Takes an average of 30 minutes’ to one hours for each lesson for each month for 12 months to complete.

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Unique Teaching Methods

Each published lessons you’ll receive is presented thoroughly among the following lesson sections:

1) Rational – the big idea pertaining to the lesson and material presented.
2) Objective of this lesson
3) Key Concepts
4) Salient Facts
5) Definitions
6) Outline of the Lesson
7) Presentation of the Lesson
8) Questions Relating to the Lesson
9) Summary of the Lesson
10) Supplementary Text material
11) Worksheets

Some lessons will contain tables and statistics for study and references purpose.  Pertinent texts will be referred to when needed. Then you’ll be led into the lesson material. Total pages of lesson and text material will vary from twelve to forty 81/2 X 11″ typeset pages. Where relevant, case histories will be cited and documentation presented.  In addition, articles by great health educators will often appear as part of the text material. Periodically, you’ll receive a written test.  You’ll complete and return your test to us for grading and assessment.  Your rating will be entered in our grade book and your test will be returned to you bearing your grading marks.  When warranted, we will offer constructive criticism and commentary with suggestions. (Tests are only required if you are studying for a degree.

Your training is self-administered and self-directed. no one will be standing over your shoulder telling you what to do or how to do it. Your lessons will be your guide, but only you can understand yourself. Only you can command yourself to apply this training. Only you can evaluate your progress. Only you can bring about educative action should you slip a little.


INTRODUCTION to the Course Level 1: (If you like to continue with your studies, there are seven levels)

Course Sections


  • Lesson 1 – Introduction to HEALTHOLOGY as a way of life

  • Lesson 2 – The nature and purpose of disease

  • Lesson 3 – Introducing the HEALTHOLOGY System for perfect health,

  • Lesson 4 – Program for perfect health,

Part II:

The essentials of life:

  • Lesson 5 – Introduction to Nutritional Science (Vegan Nutrition)

  • Lesson 6 – The immense wisdom and providence of the body

TEST ONE covering Lessons 1 – 6 (Optional, and only if you studying for a Certificate or a degree).


  • Lesson 7 – Carbohydrates: fuel for the human body

  • Lesson 8 – Proteins in the diet

  • Lesson 9 – Vitamins: the metabolic wizard of life pro­cesses

  • Lesson 10 – The role of minerals in human nutrition

  • Lesson 11 – Fats in the diet

  • Lesson 12 – The role of acid and alkaline substances within the body

TEST TWO covering Lessons 7 -12 (Optional, and only if you studying for a degree).

Costs of the Health and Nutritional Course 

There is a one time Initiation fee of $100.00 and Each lesson costs $150.00 plus $10 shipping and handling, if you want us to mail you the physical course. Each test costs $175.00. Tests are optional, but “Mandatory” if you are studying for a degree. 

Admission Policy

University of Healthology accepts all applicants for training in Health Science.  It discriminates against no one for any reason.  However, the awards of degrees are made to those who achieve a C average or better.

Refund Policy

After your lesson should you wish to withdraw from further lessons, the University of Healthology will refund your one-time tuition initiation fee in full providing you return all the material in good condition within 30 days.


PROMOTIONAL COST ONLY Each Lesson $150.00 plus a $100 one time initiation fee.

All 105 Lessons $9,900.00 plus one time initiation fee of $100.00 total 10,000.00 (76.00 per lesson by paying all 105 lessons) However only 12 lessons are available at this time (1-12) you may continue as long as you have a passing mark on your tests.

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Medical History:

People are not trained to investigate primary principles; very few, indeed, ever think of tracing a system or a theory to its basic premise or starting point. In medicine this is peculiarly true. For 2,500 years it has been assiduously and zealously seeking to build a science of medicine on false principles, with the inevitable result that all of the results of this vast amount of work and thought may be summed up as a vast collection of problems in pathology and therapeutics, amounting to nothing more than “incoherent expressions of incoherent ideas.”
Theirs is a wrong basis at the outset. Starting with the assumption that disease is an entity, and that in the poisons found in the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms there exists a specific for each disease, we detect the sources of the errors and fallacies that envelop in mystery the medical system.
Medicine today is founded on hazardous experiments instead of being based on principles brought to light by “physiological and biological science”.
In the past, the medical profession sought to arrogate to itself all knowledge having important relations to disease and recovery therefrom, virtually saying that they and they alone are the conservators of the bodies of men. When life was in its greatest peril in sickness, we were supposed to have such reverence for the physician and such unbounded faith in the saving potency of his bag of poisons as to compel us to think and feel that the issues of life reside with him, and he was supposed to have control, almost supernaturally, over our mortal destiny. No matter how useful a general diffusion of such important knowledge, knowledge which relates to our very existence, and the means of developing and influencing the forces concerned therein, the knowledge was to remain the exclusive possession of a small professional class, too sacred or too occult for the common understanding. The people, of course, were to see the art of restoring health only as a complex system of drugging. Their prescriptions were supposed to be of such a character as to defy the scrutiny of popular inquiry; they demanded a confidence almost unqualified.

Tracing the progress of the healing arts opens up for the student an arena in which has been enacted some of the most astounding scenes connected with the rise and progress of civilization. Change is indelibly written upon every page of its history; yet this change can hardly be called progress. This constant mutation, this prevailing disposition to exchange old systems for new ones, to cast off old cures and adopt newer remedies, is due to the uncertainties of the subject entertained and to the evident lack of a valid foundation for medical theories and practices. It reveals that all the systems of medicine were outside the pale of truth.

A study of medical history reveals that each succeeding generation of physicians repudiates the theories and practices of its predecessor and spends time and talent without stint in inventing new theories and new practices, only to have these suffer the same fate as those of their predecessors. It also reveals how easy it is to make the same fact apparently sustain opposite theories.

For 2,500 years the highest powers of the human mind have been devoted to the invention or discovery of cures for the diseases of man. Many of the brightest minds of earth have engaged in this search.
Are YOU aware that every field has had its authority; every wrong concept and false system of the past had its “authorities.  We readily acknowledge the errors of the past and that their “authorities” were misguided.
What we do not readily perceive is that many concepts, systems and practices of today are not only equally erroneous, but that they also have many apologists and “authorities.”  Believing an “authority” on faith is an attempt to escape from our duty to investigate and get down to the real labor of thinking things out ourselves. Self-reliance must be cultivated; for it is truly only ourselves upon whom we can rely. If we rely on others to do our thinking we become servants to them, for authorities almost always think in their own favor.
Not only that, authorities do not agree among themselves – they contradict each other. This is self-evidence they are wrong. Truth is never contradictory to itself. To appeal to authority and to rely on it as proof for our beliefs and opinions is mental laziness.
Truth makes authority. If truth is there, then authority fails. Either way, reliance upon “authority” is not called for. “They must find it difficult… those who have taken authority as the truth, rather truth as the authority.” – Gerald Massey.

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