The Human Problems


Would you believe me if I stated that vigorous robust health, completely disease-free, is the normal and natural state of human existence through a happy rewarding life greatly in excess of 100 years +? 
Would you believe me if I assured you that ailments, illnesses, discomforts and suffering are not nature’s norm?  That, in fact, they are abnormal, unnatural and unnecessary?
Would you believe if I say that you can create a condition of general health in your life that would eliminate aches, pains, maladies, and all ailments and diseases even if you had them for a very long time?
Would you believe that, through this natural health system which has been in existence since life began nearly everyone can have newfound strength and endurance.  Bounding new energy, vim and vigor. Increased mental alertness and brainpower.  More zest and enthusiasm for life and its keener joys?
Would you believe that you can so improve your health that you can leave behind as an unpleasant memory all physical suffering due to ailments? That you can say goodbye to medicine, drugs and hospital bills? Would you believe me if I tell you that there is a war out there and your life is the price?
Would you like to look forward in your life knowing that you’ll never again face such suffering or expenses?
Would you like to lead a life free of such common complaints as colds, headaches, indigestion, heartburn, allergies, lower back pain, constipation,  dental cavities, skin problems, in fact, free of all ailments and illnesses?
Would you like to live in the pleasantly satisfying knowledge that you need never face heart trouble, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes or even so much as the discomforts of another cold, flu, upset stomach, or headache?
Would you like that kind of certainty and confidence in your like, and, would you believe that it’s quite possible and soon?
I know this sounds so incredible that you are skeptical. This is understandable, under the destructive notion fostered about health and disease by profit-motivated interests groups, we simply cannot persuade ourselves that exuberant good health, completely disease-free, is even possible for all or even for ourselves!
In this NEW book, “THE HUMAN PROBLEMS” you now will have within your grasp the answer to the mysteries of disease and suffering – you have within your reach the open sesame to a life of joyous fulfillment and wonderful wellbeing.  No lotions, potions, powder or pills.
Good health is not about a miracle pill or potion. Good health is about fresh air, pure water, whole foods, exercise, and much more that you will discover in the book!
I Invite you-I urge you-to consciously consider the “This New Book” full life spectrum plan for great health-for your sake-for America’s sake!


The Disclosure of the Truth In Health


To Yours for Good health and happiness
Dr. Laurence Galant