Do you remember the crash of 2008? that was bad. And remember when the government bail out the banks? Did anybody bail you out? Did you get any money? Neither did I. Lesson Learned. (Don’t let the disasters of the past effect your present or you future). 

So I created my own personal bail out program. Now I want to share it with you so that you can have your own personal bailout plan also.

I’m writing to you because I believe you’re a go-getter. While the rest of the world sits around and complains and makes excuses about their life, you’ve proven to be someone who takes steps to change it. (But, if I’m wrong about you or you’re not willing to put some effort in it, or you think everybody’s looking to rip you off, and you have hundreds of excuses daily. Please do not order this program.) I strongly believe that if you want things in your life to change, you have to change things in your life! Most importantly you have to change the way you think! If you’re willing to do that, it only takes a few steps to reach your financial goals.

However, there are some people out to get you! They’re spending billions hiding secrets that could make you a millionaire. Just knowing these incredible little known secret systems and loopholes can grant you unfathomable instant wealth.

We are purposely not making this program available to everyone. But, if you think you have what it takes we like you to join us!
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How you can make $2,499,426 in 100 days and retire with a lifetime income of $126,000.00 a month for life!

You read it right. That’s 2.5 million dollars in 100 days.

The last window of opportunity I caught was from last July 22nd to November 2nd.

It starts right were you are in your hometown as soon as you get this program!

An identical window opens in your own hometown. Starting today with no start up money, you’ll realize $2,499,426 in pure profit within 100 days. You’re first $2,499,426 comes to you as a direct recipient of a U.S. Government bonanza the likes of which have never been surpassed. You’ll execute this from your kitchen table in your hometown. As a matter of fact, your hometown where you are right now is a designate location for this program.

You’re in the right place at the right time.

I’m revealing a truly startling secret. A never before revealed secret that will make you an instant millionaire and supply you a residual lifetime income you can never out live. Everything you’re about to read is 100% proven. Follow these instructions and there’s no way you can fail. You will experience the same mind blowing results everyone else who’s employed this system has realized.

If you’re afraid to hear the truth, stop reading now!

I’m not one for mincing words. If you’re afraid I’ll hurt your feelings, then stop reading now because there’s only one person responsible for your current financial circumstances and that’s you.

If you’re still poor now it’s your own fault

However, there’s going to be 2 people responsible for making you a millionaire in 100 days, you and I. I’m going to show you an easy, effortless, sure fire system to put a quick $2,499,426 in your pocket. You need to get a grip on a brutal reality, YOU ARE POOR! Remove the rose colored glasses and you’ll quickly realize, if you’re not rich, you’re poor. Poor people struggle their entire life just to feed and clothe themselves. And many are prideful of the accomplishment. News flash, cavemen did that.

Follow my advice and you’ll be a millionaire in 100 days. I’m certain. And I’ll look you in the eye with respect, not admiration. If you need someone to look up to you, have a child. This system is simple. Anyone can do it, if they do it! So back to where this all started. Stop crying! Step into this with me and in less than 4 months, you’ll have $2,499,426 cash, free and clear. Or don’t and spend the rest of your life crying. You choose your own fate now.

$2,499,426 is just your appetizer

The $2,499, 426 is in stone. You’ll be shocked at just how close to this exact dollar figure you’ll actually be holding in your hands in 100 days. And I’m not psychic or a mathematical super genius. That’s simple how much money you’re going to make in 100 days if you start NOW. Facts are facts.

But this $2,499,426. Is only the tip of the iceberg. In addition, you’ll receive approximately $126,000 a month for life thereafter. (I say approximately as $126,000 number is not as exact as the $2,499,426. To arrive at $126,000 a month for life, I averaged over 3 dozen individuals already involved, then rounded each down to be as conservative as possible concerning this figure.)

$126,000 a Month, Every Month, For Life!

(I’m sorry but this $126,000 will cease at your death. It can’t be passed to your heirs.) In 100 days, you will net $2,499,426 free and clear from your initial application. However, this is only the first step of this shocking opportunity. From this point forward, the program annuitizes itself. By annuitize, I mean it goes on automatic pilot generating a lifetime income of $126,000 a month, every month, for the rest of your life. Unfortunately, this lifetime benefit will not survive you.

However for the remainder of your life, you can sit back and collect your $126,000 checks. Imagine opening the mail box at 12077 Colony Preserve Dr or wherever yo~ move to, and taking out a $126,000 check every month. 12077 Colony Preserve Dr \ literally becomes easy street from this point forward.

I bet you think there’s a catch.

(Yeah, Yeah, THERE’S Always a CATCH)

Well, actually there is. To continue receiving your $126,000 a month, every month, for the rest of your life, you need to perform a little maintenance about every 90 days. It’s just a few hours paper work resubmitted but it must be done.

While you could look at this as a negative, there’s a positive aspect to it. You receive an ADDITIONAL dispensation of between $70,300 and $351,500 each time you perform this maintenance. This is in addition to your $126,000 every month.

I’m aware there’s a huge difference between $70,300 and $351,500 and I wish I could be more accurate. Unfortunately, there’s too many factors beyond my control concerning this figure for me to accurately Gage what additional funds you’ll receive. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to experience the upper range which will be fully detailed in your materials.

First Time Ever Revealed Copyrighted Program.

Let me start by assuring you that you’ve never seen anything like this before. No one before now has ever revealed this unstoppable wealth creating machine. I know because I wrote the book myself and copyrighted it so I’m the only source of this secret information.

Need a Guarantee? Try this GUARANTEE.

I know beyond any doubt if you implement this secret on March 16th, you’ll clear $2,499,426 in 100 days. Furthermore, if you implement this easy to execute secret, you’ll continue to receive an automatic $126,000 per month, every month for the rest of your life. If either of those statements do not occur exactly as stated, return my copyrighted materials at anytime without even stating a reason and I will return your entire deposit IMMEDIATELY! I

Claim your millions now before it’s too late for you.

The only thing standing between you and the millions I just revealed is you. Take this one simple step to guarantee the life you’ve always desired. Return this invitation with a one-time $35 deposit and I’ll rush my copyrighted materials supplying everything you need to claim your $2,499,426 in 100 days and secure a $126,000 a month income for life. Don’t wait another minute. Remember the life you will save will be your own! Poverty is death.


I dare you to find another opportunity that compares to what I’m offering you today. You can’t because nothing holds a candle to this.

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For the 1st time in your life, you’re literally at the right place at the right time. Consider this because here’s the deal: Take action today and in 100 days you will have $2,499,426.


Keep doing what you’re doing now and you will be poor in 100 days. I even gave you a 100% GUARANTEE so there is no risk. You pick … $2,499,426 or Being Poor.

Two Ironclad Guarantees. Choose the one you want!

100% You’ll Fail Poverty Guarantee.

This one’s really simple. All you need to do is NOTHING Just keep doing exactly what you’re doing now. Nothing will change, nothing at all. And then 100 days from now, pull this guarantee out and read it again. You’ll still be poor, guaranteed! This is a guarantee you can count on. It’s worked so far, hasn’t it. It will keep working too.

$2,499,426 in 99 Days and $126,000 a Month for Life GUARANTE.

This one’s really simple too. All you need to do is accept my help, follw the instructions and step into this with me for just 100 days. In doing so, you will take complete control of your financial destiny and be sitting with a profit of $2,499,426 in a short 100 days. That’s just the start of your new found wealth. From that point forward, you will continue to receive $126,000 a month, every month, for the rest of your life.

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